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If money were no object.....

....where would you take 40 people (most of whom are from out of town) for dinner in L.A.?

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  1. CUT. You'll rack up a CA lottery win's worth there.

    1. If sushi is in your flavor, and money is no object, don't mess around and just go to either Urusawa.

      Personally, though, I would go to Spago or Grace.

      1. Can Urasawa even hold 40 people?

        Providence! Go to Providence!

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        1. re: jacinthe

          Urasawa only seats 18 or so - if I recall correctly.

          1. Haha Deana I told you: Providence, Cut or Urasawa! Those first three posts were my three suggestions! (didn't realize it was for 40 people tho!)


            1. 40 people? seriously, I'd go to Woodlands Pure in Chatsworth. I know Money's no object, but their dosa and buffet are just plain GOOOOOODDD, and I want to expose as many people as I can to them.

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              1. re: Diana

                seriously- vegetarian India.... for 40 people out of town... mostly the mid-west... are you kidding?!

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                  Providence may be the best restaurant in L.A. but not sure it'd be a good atmosphere for a group of 40 people. I think a 40-person table at CUT would be extremely fun.

                  1. re: thegrifter

                    I had a group of 80 F&W friends at Providence about a year ago and it was very nice.
                    Cut can be a little crazy and not as intimate.

                2. Maybe just me, but with a group that size, I'd want a private space/room. If money were no object, I'd call Jessica Goin and see if I could take over the patio at Lucques (http://www.lucques.com/ ).

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                  1. re: David Kahn

                    I think it'd probably be better to call Suzanne Goin.

                    1. re: SauceSupreme

                      Pretty sure that Suzanne runs the kitchen, and her sister, Jessica, manages the restaurant. I think you need to speak to Jessica to reserve the patio. (At least that's who I've spoken with in the past.)

                    1. re: lizziee

                      Having eaten in that room, let me tell you that I actually prefer the "galley" between the patio and that room, though having your own bar is awfully convenient.

                    2. Bring back REX! ok is Ginza Sushi still around? I use to go there when it was in a strip mall downtown. If it is still as good I would bring all my friends.

                      SF Chowhound

                      1. DO NOT GO TO PATINA!!! Unless you are an "invited guest," they treat you like garbage.

                        1. Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney. I love the tourist appeal, the live music, and the food was great. The dipping sauces for the popcorn shrimp was excellent. The crawfish springrolls were unique and tasty. They make a great Bananas Foster at your table. The Bread Pudding is to die for.

                          1. Providence for sure - also re: Patina, their private room looks pretty great. For out-of-towners, can't beat the coolness of being next to Disney Hall. Also - have eaten there several times as a 'regular guest' and was always treated well.

                            1. The expectaion is that when you dine at a truly GREAT restaurant, ALL customers must be treated really well, and Patina does not do that. In fact they failed miserably. Three of us went for a birthday celebration, ordered their tasting menu, and experienced very shabby service. In fact, we could have just been invisible. And this was after the concert crowd had left, and they were not overrun with customers who had to be out to make the curtain. Patina is one restuarant we will never return to. When a restaurant is owned & run by a corporation it loses its personal touch.

                              1. I'd rent a bus, load it up with alcohol, and then drive around LA for a few hours going to taco trucks, going down to Artesia, checking out Mashti Malone's, and otherwise doing a greatest hits tour of LA's cheap eats. Relatively speaking, we've got better cheap eats than higher end restaurants.