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I am looking for a restaurant that specializes in fondue dishes. I am not looking for a restaurant that has a fondue dish, but a restaurant that bases their menu on fondue.

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  1. I think that since Radical Jack's bombed so spectacularly (now Hal's?), it will be long time before someone tries that concept again.


    1. I'd love to find even a good fondue dish in the city.

      I don't recommend the fondue at the Biermarket.

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        The Beer Bistro does fondue, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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          I second that. When I had it, it was cold in the middle (!), and tasted more like bechamel-based cheese sauce than true fondue.

      2. In Niagara on the Lake, there is Tetley's who do hot stone grill and fondue...it's a decent restaurant with some interesting options (ostrich loin) available...


        1. I recall mention of a place on Bathurst,Misto ?

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            Yet another concept Toronto wasn't ready for: sushi and fodue. It closed in the fall.


          2. Desperately looking for a good fondue place in town too! I'm trying Caren's Wine and Cheese Bar on Cumberland next week. They only do cheese fondue. I'll report back with my findings!

            1. Definitely missing...... We go to La Tyroleene in Quebec City, whenever we're there. It's not that it's that great, but fondue becomes one of those things that you get addicted to...

              1. Lakes on Yonge street has great cheese fondue. Le Pappillion on Church street is good as well.. However, for all types of fondue your out of luck but Le Pappillion on Lower Church street is your best bet.

                1. There is (was?) a Swiss restaurant in the Delisle Court mall on Yonge north of St. Clair that had pretty decent fondue. I have no idea if it's still around.

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                    That would have been Raclette - long gone (it's now Cava).

                  2. Fondue in Toronto...Lakes Bistro, Biffs and I believe beerbistro does some sort of a beer take on fondue as well. Mmmmm, dipping things in stinky cheese!

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                      Barbarian's has a fondue that they offer as part of their late night menu.

                    2. Reporting back on Caren's Wine and Cheese bar at 158 Cumberland. Highly recommend it for the cheese platters and the wines but don't bother going there for fondue. They only serve small, appetizer sized fondues that come in a dainty, white porcelain pot that we had to send back to be reheated, the cheese was solidifying so quickly. Also, they cut the crust off the dipping bread(!) which was a little airy and not heavy enough to support a good dip to begin with. The cheese did taste good once it was thoroughly melted but it far from satisfied my craving. Good atmosphere at Carens, though.

                      1. In Toronto, a handful of restaurants serves fondue, including Far Niente, Reds Bistro, Beerbistro, Barberian's Steak House (after 10 p.m.), Biermarkt and Lakes (at the bar). Radical Jacks Fondue Lounge on Adelaide St. E. opened to less than favourable reviews in 2004 and closed not long after, but many fondue lovers still miss the 1980s and `90s hotspot Raclette on Queen St. W. It served both fondue and raclette – cheese of the same name melted in a portable grill on the table and scraped onto boiled potatoes and sour French cornichons.