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Jan 24, 2007 06:53 PM


I am looking for a restaurant that specializes in fondue dishes. I am not looking for a restaurant that has a fondue dish, but a restaurant that bases their menu on fondue.

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  1. I think that since Radical Jack's bombed so spectacularly (now Hal's?), it will be long time before someone tries that concept again.


    1. I'd love to find even a good fondue dish in the city.

      I don't recommend the fondue at the Biermarket.

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        The Beer Bistro does fondue, but I wouldn't recommend it.

        1. re: KitchenVoodoo

          I second that. When I had it, it was cold in the middle (!), and tasted more like bechamel-based cheese sauce than true fondue.

      2. In Niagara on the Lake, there is Tetley's who do hot stone grill and's a decent restaurant with some interesting options (ostrich loin) available...

        1. I recall mention of a place on Bathurst,Misto ?

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          1. re: emq

            Yet another concept Toronto wasn't ready for: sushi and fodue. It closed in the fall.


          2. Desperately looking for a good fondue place in town too! I'm trying Caren's Wine and Cheese Bar on Cumberland next week. They only do cheese fondue. I'll report back with my findings!