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Jan 24, 2007 06:00 PM

Eastside Mexican Recommendations by a Native Austinite

El Azteca - favorite dishes chile relleno & mole enchiladas
Los Comales - favorite dishes carne asada & cabrito
Las Cazuelas - favorite item creamy green salsa
El Chile (y el Chilito) - favorite dish steak tampiqueno
Inocentes Cafe - lunch special on Thursdays - Enchiladas verdes

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  1. This is so useful. Would you describe the relleno at El Azteca for me? I'm always looking for more of a crispy thing going on, but they seem to be soggy. Thanks!

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      I always order the chicken relleno at El Azteca. I like chile relleno with cheese but sometimes they are too much cheese for me. The relleno there is deep fried and they use fresh poblanos and really load them with filling, but it might not be the crispy relleno you are looking for. By the time they come to the table, the rellenos there are not crisp. (Good luck with your mission!) Another place I forgot to mention because of its inconvenient location but that is absolutely delicious is El Meson, out on Burleson Rd. The have a delicious relleno called chiles en nogada (walnut sauce.) I don't recall that being especially crispy, though, either.

    2. El Azteca is great. I've only been there once but guys from the APD raved about it.