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Jan 24, 2007 05:59 PM

Miami - Cuban or Puerto Rican criolla? Ay Mama Ines?

I'm visiting Miami for 3 days in April; haven't been for a couple of years...

I REALLY would like to eat at restaurants especially known for their:

--> Cuban Criolla ( -- such as Ay Mama Ines)
--> Puerto Rican Criolla ( -- such as El Jibarito in San Juan, PR).

Last time I visited, I didn't know about Ay Mama Ines.*
Are they still around? I haven't been able to find recent (if any) posts here.


Your recommendations are most appreciated! -R-

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  1. Ay Mama Ines is in a strip mall on Bird Rd & 117 Ave. We used to frequent it until they added a musician in the evenings & their prices shot up. The prices were not equivalent to the quality of food or service so we stopped going. I still think you can't beat Havana Harry's on LeJeune off of US1. Also Las Culebrinas on Flagler & 47th or the newer one on 27th ave in The Grove. Buen Apetito!

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    1. re: lov2trav

      Thanks for the update on Ay Mama Ines and your recs. I've been to Las Culebrinas on Flager and enjoyed it.

      Haven't been to Havana Harry's yet -- so that's where I'll head, probably for lunch. I see that lax2mia also likes it -- esp. recs the vaca frita de pollo... I'm sold! Much thanks!

      1. re: R from SF

        If you like "malanga" try the crema de malanga soup at Havana Harry's. Also the tostones are consistantly good.

        1. re: lov2trav

          Love it. And tostones too! Thanks -- I think I'd like to order both there!

    2. I wish there was an equal here to El Jibarito in Viejo San Juan! That place ROX...PR food here in Miami is not very common. I have heard of a place called el coqui but know nothing about it.

      For Cuban try any of the Lario's or Luis Galindo's Latin American on Red Rd aka 57th Ave just south of Tamiami Trail aka Calle Ocho aka SW 8th St. The best Vaca Frita.

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      1. re: netmover

        Yeah, El Jibarito and their died-and-gone-to-heaven mofongo!

        Thanks for the tips!

        Will keep a lookout for El Coqui mentions.

        From our last visit, we are planning on eating at Benny's Seafood again -- we had a good seafood mofongo and some other dishes, and the husband and wife who own the restaurant treated us with an abundance of hospitality.

        Casa Larios (7705 W Flagler) is on our short list.
        Do you like Luis Galindo's Latin American ("Latin America Restaurant on Red Rd", 898 Sw 57th Ave) over Larios in general?
        We might only be able to eat at one, during breakfast hours.

        1. re: R from SF

          fyi -
          We'll do up to 10 meals in Miami (bkfst-lun-din)
          from an early Wed to Sat:
          - 1 day staying within Miami proper.
          - 1 day including going West for a few hours.
          - 1 day maybe running North a little.
          - Last morning breakfast within 10 minute drive from Port of Miami.

          I'm thinking that maybe I should post a separate thread so that everyone sees my list of choices, along with the big list I came up with.

          Would call it something like "Mostly Latin American chowing in Miami".
          Might give our esteemed Florida hounds plenty of fodder for discussion...

          ...I'll think about it; I have a couple of months before I go.

          1. re: R from SF

            In reference to
            "I'm thinking that maybe I should post a separate thread so that everyone sees my list of choices, along with the big list I came up with." ---

            I posted the schedule & list of choices:

            "3+ days in Miami - Mostly Latin American chowing -- Please critique my picks (Long)"

      2. Contrary to the first post here, I went to Ay Mama Ines and it was great! They have a "cortadito mama ines" if you like milk and cafe it is awesome. The food is great also, I had a "Bistec Uroguayo" they have a variety of plates to chose. Definitely would recommend it for some good cuban criolla.

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