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Jan 24, 2007 05:53 PM

Mid-priced in Newport Beach?

Future son-in-law flying in to town soon, and we're meeting him in Newport Beach. Can anyone suggest a nice, mid-priced restaurant in Newport Beach? Don't want to break the bank, but can't skimp, either. A quiet place is desirable and a view would be good. Oh, a bar is a must.

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  1. How about The Cannery. Mid-priced, historical building, decent food, upstairs bar, view of the water.

    I am not sure what "break the bank" means to you, but First Cabin at the Balboa Bay Club would be a more upscale option. It is right on the water as well.

    1. Sage is a great restaurant and fairly priced for the food quality. There are 2 Sage Restaurants in Newport - one in Eastbluff, the other in Newport Coast (Crystal Cove Shopping Center). No views, but excellent food. And yes, bars in both.

      1. Are there any "upscale" Mexican restaurants in Newport Beach?

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          1. Taco Rosa, an upscale branch of Taco Mesa.

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            1. Like EricV, I think Sage is good choice. The Newport Coast branch has no view, but has a very nice patio if the weather's decent. They also have a "small plates" option that can help keep the tab down. It has become our go-to place when we have out-of-town guests.