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Jan 24, 2007 05:22 PM

Peter Luger or Old Homestead?

Okay, it's the Mt. Everest of steakhouses, but I'm only in town for two nights (staying at 9th and West 34th) and the cons do seem to outweigh the pros for PL. Number one, the "cash only" requirement. Our party of six is supposed to be walking around with $600-odd of cash? Also, the surly-waiter rep. And no online menu.

Old Homestead is in the neighborhood and I heard their Kobe burger is fairly outrageous . . .

Any recommendations one way or another (or even other)? Sparks?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. About Peter Luger... the cash requirement is a bit of a pain, but everyone else is doing it. You and your bulging pockets will hardly stand out in that crowd. I've never experienced rudeness, brusqueness or surliness, exactly. I find the staff there lovably and good-naturedly gruff, never unpleasant.

    And why would they have online menus when, when their paper menus are virtually useless? As you may have heard, everyone orders the same thing; everyone leaves happy.

    To me, other than the out-of-the-way location, the only con is the long wait (despite the fact that everyone there has reservation). The bar area is cold and uncomfortable, but the bartender is total hoot and will help you and yours pass the time amiably. Service is efficient, and they'll instantly call you a car if you don't feel like stumbling around Williamsburg at night with a belly full of beef, butter and red wine.

    It's definitely an "experience"--a net positive one. And, yeah, the steak is as good as you've heard.

    I've never been to O.H. but heard nothing but terrible things.

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      i could tell you more negative things about luger. holmestead is amazing. better sides, no wait for res., and the steak is as good.

    2. Peter Luger no online menus bec. everyone knows that there all about the steak(porterhouse) but their sides and desserts (cheesecake/pecan pie with schlagg/sundae) are worth the extra calories too. Definitely worth the schlep to Brooklyn. To save a bit from the cab ride you can take the A train from 34th/8th Ave. to West 4th St. and transfer to the downtown F/V to 2nd Ave. and take a cab from there (by then you'll be near Williamsburg Bridge) never had bad service there as well...I actually find the waiters rather charmingly funny. BTW, I used to lived on the bldg on the corner of 9th Ave. and 34th (B&H Bldg) and for some reason never ended-up heading down to the Old Homestead.Your better off trying the better non-steak options located mostly on 10 Ave. and the lower 20's (Cookshop, Red Cat etc).

      1. Agreed. I was just there 2 weeks ago and the service was very friendly. Even 5 years ago, they were always friendly and liked to play "pretend-gruff". The steak medium rare is delicious. Add a side of creamed spinach and whatever encarnation of potatoe fries you like and you'll be in heaven. Finish with cheesecake mit schlag and be ready to die happy.

        1. old homestead all the way. peter luger is past its prime (no pun intended). old homestead is the original "meatpacking" district steakhouse. plus, if you want to have a drink afterwards there are plenty of options. why go all the way to brooklyn? but if you do...lugers is now accepting credit cards (they just won't tell you).

          1. Yeow! Now I'm seriously conflicted! Peter Luger has been my Holy Grail for many years now . . . but I'm also in search of the Ultimate Burger on the planet, so Homestead beckons . . . let's see what the consensus is with a few more weigh-ins . . .

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              I've read some brutal reviews of Old Homestead's very expensive burger... it's late now, but I'll try to dig them up for you at some point

              1. re: Yaqo Homo

                old homestead's burger is definitely not on anyone's best burger list!