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Jan 24, 2007 04:50 PM

Best Steaks/Meats for Freezing

I'm looking to start stocking my freezer with smallish portions of chicken/steak/burger (for when I don't have time to run to Whole Paycheck). I'm looking for a good source. Although I do want quality meat, almost as important is the supplier's packing quality - I would like to avoid freezer burn. My current thought is Omaha Steaks, but open to suggestions. Ideas?

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  1. From someone who recieved some steaks from Omaha as a Christmas present, don't waste your money. You can get better (and fresher) cuts of meat at your local supermarket.

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    1. re: LStaff

      I agree with LStaff -

      I'd say spend your money on a good vacuum food saver. They are built precisely for what you're talking about. That way, you can save cash by buying "regular" grocery store stuff and then you make your own packaging!

    2. You dont say where youre from, or I missed it, but ocassionally in the los angeles area the Hows market chain would put Prime and I emphasize Prime boneless, Rib Eye steaks on sale for $6.99/lb. Probably if you dont have this choice you are better off getting good choice rib eyes from costco and freezing them, I imagine whole paycheck is much more expensive. We have Bristol Farms and they were at $29.95/lb for the same quality as the Hows steaks.

      1. I agree with the above posters, however I would go the local butcher shop route over a supermarket for buying steak. That is if you have a good butcher in your area. Where Iive I have a local butcher who has "USDA Prime" beef, which many supermarkets may not carry. Also if you can start up a relationship with a small family owned butcher shop the service will be 100 times better than you get at a supermarket. I know when I walk in the door of the shop I go to, I am greeted warmly, and advised which cuts to get by what the butcher reccomends for that day. I am even invited behind the counter where my steaks are cut to order.... Filets right off the whole tenderloin, etc.

        And a butcher shop may be able to vacuum package them as you want.

        My favorites:

        Filets = 8 oz
        N.Y. Strip
        T-Bone or Portehouse - love the bone...

        good luck

        1. My problem is not with procuring quality meat; I have a quality butcher (albeit at Whole Paycheck, but it's good stuff). It's a question of long-term storage in an apartment where I probably can't justify the space of a vacuum sealer. If I want a really good steak, I know where to go, but if I just want to throw something on the grill when I get home late, I want a 'b' team in the freezer. I've been underwhelmed by the packing quality at Whole Foods, and the size at Costco (my fiance is a vegetarian, so it's just me).