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Jan 24, 2007 04:42 PM


Just want to compile a list of good happy hours in Tampa. I live in Westchase but I'd like to venture out. I've been in Florida a year now and haven't been outside my area (NW Tampa) much. Tell me what you think are the best happy hours in Tampa Bay !!!!!!(Hillsborough, Pinellas). I LOVE CHOWHOUNDS!!!!!

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  1. One of my favorite topics! I know alot of people did not care for Pappas in Tarpon Springs, but what an awesome Happy Hour they had! 2 for 1 drinks, GOOD wine and a full pour, a view at eye level with the pelicans swooping by, sampler platters to munch on,
    We always catch one at Red Fish Blue Fish and Molly Goodheads when we are in town, but haven't found one we could love as much as Pappa's!

    1. Yikes! Please no! If the senior winter visitors find out where we have happy hour with 2 for 1 drinks and free hors d’oeuvres the place will be so inundated with early birds looking for cheap drinks and a free meal that the Buffalo chicken wings will be gone by the time we get through the line. :)

      1. Free meal? Not what I'm looking for. Great appetizers at fair prices, of course! I love a 2-4-1 Happy hour with a choice beyond jug Chablis and draft crap. Helps make up for the insane mark-up that is the usual. How is Caddys??

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          Can I just say that Caddy's has the BEST reuben sandwiches this side of NYC? I was amazed at the quality of their smoked corned beef, and at a "beach dive" at that. I know that's off the Happy Hour topic, but I just had to get in my plug for their sandwich.

        2. Caddy's is good, but I don't think they have a happy hour per se, since their busiest time IS the "happy" hour - around sunset. I love the occasional Pina Colada there, topped with a 151 rum shooter (but I live strolling distance away LOL).

          A friend of mine loves happy hour, and her favorite is Bonefish Grill, because it is two for one on every drink - even premium drinks like Gray Goose Cosmos, which she loves. I think the whole chain may be this way, including Outback and Carrabba's, but I am sure about Bonefish.

          1. Actually Joan, i work for a Carrabba's and in my area Bonefish does not do a great happy hour. The drinks are 50% off and they will not let you upgrade from well liquors. All the local Carrabba's on the other hand do the aforementioned happy hour. 2 for 1 draft beer, house wine, and ALL liquor drinks (including specialty cocktails and martinis.)

            There are a few liquors that are actually rather decently priced and some things that are underpriced (well for Carrabba's prices anyway.) For example: If you enjoy Bourbon, Knob Creek is only about 6 whereas Dewars and other mediocre blended scotches can go for 8.5!

            The house wine is meh, only good draft is Sam Adams (boston lager) but one can really take advantage of the full liquor 2 for 1. Went in for dinner the other night and ordered Glenmorangie neat and had my rocks glass nearly full. Well, i do know the bartenders but still!

            So yeah, enjoy.