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Jan 24, 2007 04:40 PM

Good Breakfast in Beverly Hills...not at a hotel and not $40????


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      1. Nate and All's is OK, but it can be a mad house. If you have a car drive down Pico to John O'Groats past Rancho Park golf course - great biscuits, pancakes, steel cut oats. 10516 W Pico Blvd At Patricia Ave Phone: 310-204-0692

        There used to be a great old timey coffee shop on Brighton Way, Brighton Coffee Shop, but I am not sure if it is open weekends. Great meatloaf sandwich.

        Otherwise, I like breakfast at Il Fornaio.

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        1. re: Junoesq

          The Brighton Coffeeshop is still there, and it serves decent coffee shop fare, which, in the midst of Beverly Hills, can seem like a fine thing.

          1. re: Junoesq

            on a weekends, the wait to get a table at john o'groats can be well over a half hour.
            also, on weekends, the service there is VERY slow and can be VERY disorganized.

            1. re: westsidegal

              I go on weekends. Before 9 isn't too bad on a Saturday. Heck, I go at 7:30!

              Had little problem with the service.

          2. I recommend Porta Via for the best breakfast in town. Great blueberry pancakes and all the other obvious stuff. Nice atmosphere and other interesting options. Another choice would be Le Pain Quotidienne, for a less conventional meal that is more in the European mode.

            Although I like the coffee at Il Fornaio, I think they are very uneven for breakfast (think potatoes that are either raw or burnt, bacon that is always burnt, and poached eggs that taste like vinegar).

            If you're happy enough with a standard coffee shop environment, consider Walter's, which is located in an office building on Camden, or Brighton Coffee Shop, in that order.

            1. Not quite Beverly Hills but very close to it in the fairfax district is BLD or Quality.