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Good Breakfast in Beverly Hills...not at a hotel and not $40????


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      1. Nate and All's is OK, but it can be a mad house. If you have a car drive down Pico to John O'Groats past Rancho Park golf course - great biscuits, pancakes, steel cut oats. 10516 W Pico Blvd At Patricia Ave Phone: 310-204-0692

        There used to be a great old timey coffee shop on Brighton Way, Brighton Coffee Shop, but I am not sure if it is open weekends. Great meatloaf sandwich.

        Otherwise, I like breakfast at Il Fornaio.

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          The Brighton Coffeeshop is still there, and it serves decent coffee shop fare, which, in the midst of Beverly Hills, can seem like a fine thing.

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            on a weekends, the wait to get a table at john o'groats can be well over a half hour.
            also, on weekends, the service there is VERY slow and can be VERY disorganized.

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              I go on weekends. Before 9 isn't too bad on a Saturday. Heck, I go at 7:30!

              Had little problem with the service.

          2. I recommend Porta Via for the best breakfast in town. Great blueberry pancakes and all the other obvious stuff. Nice atmosphere and other interesting options. Another choice would be Le Pain Quotidienne, for a less conventional meal that is more in the European mode.

            Although I like the coffee at Il Fornaio, I think they are very uneven for breakfast (think potatoes that are either raw or burnt, bacon that is always burnt, and poached eggs that taste like vinegar).

            If you're happy enough with a standard coffee shop environment, consider Walter's, which is located in an office building on Camden, or Brighton Coffee Shop, in that order.

            1. Not quite Beverly Hills but very close to it in the fairfax district is BLD or Quality.

              1. I love Doughboy's on 3rd and (about) Crescent Heights.

                1. Not quite Beverly Hills, but I'd suggest John O'Groats (Pico between Beverly Glen and Overland). Great biscuits, authentic Irish oatmeal, and all the breakfast classics.

                  1. urth caffe on beverly dr., north of olympic, is pretty good for breakfast.


                    a little outside of beverly hills -- breadbar (on 3rd, across from cedars-sinai



                    in the same neighborhood -- newsroom (120 N Robertson Blvd, between Alden Drive and Beverly Boulevard)

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                      Urth has just about the best quiche I've ever had.

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                        I also like Urth for breakfast - and it won't hit $40...but it is an order at the counter, take a number and have food delivered to your table sort of place. Not table service, so if that is the OP's goal, then Urth is a bust.

                        But good coffee, good egg sandwich and I like the poached egg plate which comes topped with a nutty cheese, a good baguette and some tomato (not tomato season, so I wouldn't expect much in that department right now).

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                          If you love Quiche, you have to try Le Pain Quotidien's. Be warned it's rich, but boy is it yummy.

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                          Definitely Urth. Great for breakfast or lunch.

                        3. Since San Vicente is the magic border between Beverly Hills and Mid-Wilshire, I'll offer Breadbar. If you feel like crossing the divide, you open yourself up to Toast, BLD, Doughboys, French Crepe in the Farmer's Market, Dupars, etc etc

                          1. I like breakfast/brunch at il fornaio in Beverly Hills, great bread, small but nice variety of breakfast dishes. Reasonable prices. Only problem is that they can be very inconsistent, and the service is not always good. Anyway I continue to go there, I like their eggs benedict with spinach. If I can not make it to the pantry in downtonw L.A, my choice is il fornaio.

                            1. What about the Newsroom?? (on Roberston near The Ivy)...
                              "The menu has something for everyone including a magnificent selection of breakfast dishes that are served all day. Try the corn blueberry waffles or organic oatmeal. For a tasty treat there are muffins and scones galore as well as traditional pancakes and egg dishes."
                              Also great fresh juices and smoothies.

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                                Newsroom is good too for the organic-centric.

                              2. Is Clementine open for breakfast?

                                BreadBar (on Third, across from Cedars) is open for breakfast and it's very good.

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                                1. Kate Mantilini is at the edge of Beverly Hills on Wilshire Blvd. and has my favorite pancakes! They're really thin, almost like crepes, moist and the portions are big! Not cheap, around $12, but great flavor!!

                                  1. Is that the same Walter's that used to be on Beverly (or was it Camden)? A nice little coffee shop that also had a pretty good bakery (loved the pecan rolls). If so, I am thrilled to hear they relocated - I used to go there quite often, & thought they were gone for good.

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                                      Yes. Walter's is now inside the building on the corner of Wilshire and Camden, entrance on Camden (building also has the agency Endeavor, a Countrywide office, a sport's club, and the restaurant Oliver, though Oliver has a separate entrance.) Roughly across the street from Mr. Chow's. You have to walk back through the lobby and back to the right to get to Walter's; it isn't visible from the street or when you first enter the building.

                                    2. definitely le pain quotidien on burton (or is it little Santa Monica there, i get so confused?). anyway, great affordable eats if you don't mind communal tables.

                                      i've also enjoyed le conversation on doheny and santa monica, but i haven't been there in years. i assume it's still there.

                                      1. take a short ride to Campanile. its worth it and its the best time to go there (vs. dinner).

                                        1. Walters is open only on Saturdays: Great bakery (shnecken, pecan rolls,etc.), great prices, waffles sometimes taste of baking powder/soda, bad coffee.
                                          The Farm: reasonably good consistent food, maybe a little pricey.
                                          Porta Via
                                          Across the street from Porta Via is a south american restaurant (name escapes me: Insomnia or something like that)
                                          Jack & Jill: ugh
                                          Urth cafe: Good "poached" (more like baked) eggs, good fruit salad, great coffee.
                                          Il Fornaio: great bread, great coffee, service unpredictable
                                          Le Pain Q: kinda pricey, service unpredictable, doesn't warm up their croissants (cold pain au chocolat, ugh)
                                          If you venture a little eastwards: IHOP: great value, the best fluffiest pancakes, they even do crepes. Doughboys: very original, great savory breakfasts, good vibe (go early). Bread bar: ugh. Service unpredictable, pricey for bread, savory stuff mediocre. Clafoutis: great croissants (they will even warm them for you, not in the microwave, so that they are crispy on the outside, and the chocolate oozes from the inside), good savory things (omlets include potato au gratin).
                                          Clementine's is open only on Saturdays.
                                          John O'Groats: the best biscuits (go early)

                                          1. NATE AND AL's is the greatest. It has great smoked fish selections.

                                            1. Cafe Marly on Little Santa Monica Blvd. @ Roxbury has good breakfast and very reasonably priced. Portions are generous.

                                              1. Jinky's
                                                8539 W. Sunset Blvd.
                                                Great breakfasts. Is this too far-it's West Hollywood. They have two others, one in SM and one in Studio City
                                                Duke's also on Sunset at San Vicente.

                                                1. Coupa Cafe on Canon or Barney Greengrass in Barneys are two more good options.

                                                  1. Beverliz Cafe
                                                    308 S Beverly Dr
                                                    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
                                                    (310) 201-0012

                                                    The Big Breakfast or Two Eggs Any style.
                                                    Good coffee
                                                    Nice outdoor sitting area.

                                                    1. Judis on wilshire have good breakfast, made on the spot. This is a tiny spot on wilshire and la - cienega, I stop there on my way to cedars.
                                                      They started a $5 breakfast recently, with it you can feed 6-8 people for $40 :)
                                                      Their coffee is splendid - it is dark and has a kick, unlike others that blend it with water or god knows what.

                                                      Judi's Deli
                                                      8484 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                                                      1. Cabbage Patch = Brunch
                                                        Urth Caffe for every other day

                                                        Both on S. Beverly Dr.