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Jan 24, 2007 04:31 PM

Camden/Rockport, ME

We will be spending a week in the Camden/Rockport area next week. Where are the worthwhile places you would recommend?

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  1. If you're looking for adventure dining, try Conti's in Rockland, just down the road on Rt. 1. It is behind the police station, right on the water, and not well lit at all- look for a shack covered in lobster crates. It's open nightly from 4- the butcher paper roll when you first walk in will have the daily specials, from $10-25, mostly featuring the freshest seafood. After ordering, you'll be seated among many years worth of boxes, books, knick-knacks, on tables with candles and newspaper spreads. you'll get homemade bread that's hit or miss, a fresh salad with Conti's own fab dressing, and lot's of great ambience, including the old dog who lives there... in the restaurant. Oh, and the food is always fresh, and fantastic 74% of the time.

    1. PS- try searching for Mid-Coast Maine, Rockland, etc- there are some great suggestions on the boards.

      1. No, Conti's is dark, dirty and so random that you never know what you will get. We (locals) never go there, dirty dirty dirty...
        You have to try Francine bistro in Camden, check out thereviews on Trip Advisor, the place is fantastic. For more casual but still really good, the Breakwater Cafe in the Samoset Resort in great, and beautiful view of the ocean and the breakwater.

        1. I second the vote for Francine's. Cafe Miranda next door in Rockland is awesome!

          No, no, no to Conti's!

          1. We've been to Conte's a few times and loved it. So what if it is dark, didn't find it dirty and didn't have a bad dish. So what if it is quirky and eccentric. We had great, simple seafood there. Ate at Francine's too and it was good but we loved the atmosphere and the fresh seafood at Conte's- and no, fine dining it ain't.