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Jan 24, 2007 04:17 PM

Downtown C'ville - where to eat?

We'll be visiting Charlottesville in the Spring. Interested in a place within walking distance of the Inn at Court Square. My wife is a vegetarian (not vegan), but I love a great steak. Great vodka martini (dirty, straight up) would be a plus. In our grad school days there many years ago the C and O was our favorite restaurant. Any recommendations for a romantic dinner for two?

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  1. A new place very close to the Inn at Court Square is called Boheme on Market St. I have not tried it but it looks fine- nicely decorated. Fleurie will probably be recommended to you- I have not been there often since I didn't like it very much. Fuel Co. is another upscale place- although it is located in a gas station/convenience store. It has been reviewed favorably in the Washington Post. It is close to Inn at Court Square. Do not forget to go to the C&O if not for dinner then an Irish coffee.

    1. I'm not familiar with where the Inn is but we had a wonderful meal at Oxo...its been a year so I don't remember what anymore but I renember loving it and my sister left C-ville 2 yrs ago and still talks of how much she misses Oxo

      1. C&O is very good, and for something a little more casual Bizou (on the mall) sounds like it would be perfect for you. You can walk by and look at the menu in the window, which changes daily. They do interesting salads (things like greens w/ roasted beets and goat cheese), along with nicely grilled meats and fried chicken, etc.

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          We like Bizou a lot. Meatloaf is terrific. I stay away from crab cakes because the sauce has too much horseradish for me. We still miss Metropolitan which was great, classy, innovative and just plain wonderful in its day.

        2. Try Zocalo - upscale latin ( Excellent food. Great martinis. Sit at the bar for the best service. It's on the Downtown Mall right by the fountain. They have an outdoor patio in warm months.

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            Just ate at Zocalo lat the bar last night before a Marshall Crenshaw show. The mussels for an appy are terrific. We also had the rockfish and scallops entrees - very good.

          2. Go to Mas for great tapas and the freshest cocktails - the Blood Orange Martini's are amazing. Great alfresco dining when the weather permits. Bizou is also great if you want to stay on the Downtown mall.

            Bang - C-ville natives, is this still here? - is a great Martini bar off the mall, also.

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              love Mas - it's not walking distance from the Inn at Court Square though. Bang is still there - good, but I like Mas better.