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Jan 24, 2007 04:16 PM

Prix Fixe Pre Theatre

Hi - Visiting NYC in May for 5 nights of theatre. Can anyone recommend good theatre-district restaurants offering reasonably priced or prix fixe fare. We like all kinds of food and are looking for nice atmosphere....suggestions??

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  1. becco...lidia bastianich's sons place in theater district

    get the unlimited 3 pasta prix fixe at $22, a steal

    also the hot mixed appetizer and the sampler dessert trays

    excellent, fun, place

    gets packed, reserve at 5...tell waiter when your curtain time is

    i'm sure you'll enjoy

    also...renee pujol...french place in the theater district...wonderful, not expensive

    1. The ayce pasta special at Becco includes 3 pastas du jour + either antipasti or Caesar salad. Dessert is extra. The cost is $16.95 at lunch and $21.95 at dinner. Frankly, the last time we had it at dinner, the pastas were mediocre. Worse, however, was the intolerably high noise level which made it impossible to conduct a conversation around our table without shouting. In my view, that's not an enjoyable way to dine.

      Roberto Passon would be my current pick for Italian. Very good food and pleasant atmospherics. A caveat: Servers verbally list the specials without providing prices. If any are of interest, in order to avoid sticker shock, be sure to ask the cost because some can be quite expensive.

      I agree that Rene Pujol is a good choice. Their 3-course dinner prix-fixe is $44 though many items on the menu that have supplements.

      Marseille is a very attractive brasserie with excellent French/Mediterranean cuisine.

      West Bank Cafe serves delicious New American cuisine. Very nice, comfortable surroudnings.

      Roberto Passon

      1. Marseille is a good choice for reasonably priced french brasserie food, as well as Pigalle on 48th and 8th (they're owned by the same group).

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