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Jan 24, 2007 04:15 PM

What kind of CH are you?

I saw this on another board and laughed out loud. It is so true (see post #17).

I'm a #3.

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  1. LOL, this is great. I'd say I'm a cross between Subpopulations 1 and 3, much to my dismay.

    1. I like that the guy with the jiggling boob icon and 10,700 posts to a fantasy football forum has called this place over the top ;)

      My SO pokes fun at me for discussing salt cod with people online, and I reciprocate when he has a burning desire to login and talk about a potential NFL draft pick. It's all fun and it takes all types for forums.

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      1. re: NovoCuisine

        I think I just found a new avatar; move over, Bertani bottle.

        1. re: Yaqo Homo

          Oh but I homemade it.. :) I have a bunch of 'food celeb' ones to bust out, though.

        2. re: NovoCuisine

          I have concluded that MojoMan on the huddle's food and beverage board should stay there.

          1. re: NovoCuisine

            I was JUST going to mention that! The guy talking about some thai place that has the asian women bouncing around w/her top 1/2 off. Yep, he knows food...

          2. That Huddler is certainly a generous guy!

            1. Oh, I'm a #3 definitely. I like their message board setup. I wish our avatars were a little bit bigger.

              1. Well, I'd like to think of myself as a 1.