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Jan 24, 2007 04:13 PM

Looking for Best Pizza in Burbank

If there is some really good Pizza in Burbank I'd appreciate a recommendation.

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  1. Dino's, on Hollywood Way and Burbank Blvd.

    Another good choice is Northend Pizzeria, on either Palm or Orange Grove, just east of San Fernando in Burbank Village.

    1. I just got a recommendation to go to Tony's on Magnolia from someone that used to live in that neighborhood.

      Anyone know about this place?

      1. Tony Bella's on Magnolia is very good. (I assume that's the "Tony's" your friend is referring to. Another 5 minutes gets you to Joe Peep's, at Whitsett and Magnolia. This is our absolute favorite East Valley pizza.

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          Yes, on West Magnolia.

          I know Joe Peeps. Not a huge fan although they do put a ton of stuff on their pies. Pizza is a personal thing. The blue collar pizza if I remember wasn't bad. Mazarino's pizza is pretty good most of the time. If I get a pizza from there I order it with lite sauce and it seems to make a difference. Not knock you socks off great but pretty good that way.

          Barone's has relocated to Oxnard st off of Woodman Ave. They have a very different style pizza. I like their cheeses they use and they are consistent. Some love it some don't like it to much.

          Also, Lido Pizza in Van Nuys on Victory just off of Sepulveda Blvd has a pretty decent pizza.

          But now that I'm in burbank I'm looking to stay local so I'll give Tony Bella's and Dino's a try in search of the great pizza pie :-)

          ty for the suggestions. really appreciate it

        2. Tony's Bella Vista ( is the best 'za I've had in L.A. It's the closest to the East Coast pies that I grew up with (not NY-style).

          After you're done, walk across the street to Monte Carlo Deli/Pinocchio Restaurant for some gelato. I guess that corner is Burbank's Little Italy.