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Jan 24, 2007 04:13 PM

Desperately seeking delicious chinese meal

I no longer know much about what is good in Chinatown since I moved from Boston long ago, but we are going for a visit and want more than anything to enjoy a good chinese meal since we don't have any chinese food where we live except for the "fast food" kind covered in generic corn-starched slop. We're looking for the real thing and wondered what suggestions people would have. Oh, we're also bringing our 8 year old child and we're looking for someplace nice but not too fancy. Any ideas?

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  1. What kind of Chinese food? Seafood? Cantonese? Northern? Sichuan? If you're looking for the latter, the best restaurants are actually outside of Chinatown.

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      Thanks for the reply. We're open all kinds of Chinese cuisine, actually. What are your suggestions outside of Chinatown? Thanks!

    2. My favorites are Shangri-La in Belmont, Shanghai Gate in Brookline, and East Ocean City in Chinatown. I think Shanghai Gate would be the safest recommendation of those three: best atmosphere and most accessible food. For more upscale and more expensive, I'd recommend Anise in Kendall Square. I've had meals that could be described as delicious at all these places.

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        I just realized that the place I'm thinking of in Chinatown is Peach Farm, not East Ocean City (which has gotten good reviews, and seems to have a similar menu, but I have never been there).

        Anyway, I think, as this thread suggests, that there is no shortage of good Chinese options in the area.

      2. Taiwan Cafe in chinatown may fit your bill. just search it on this board for reccs.

        1. Old Standbys:

          Sichuan: Sichuan Garden in Brookline
          Taiwanese: Taiwan Cafe
          Seafood: Peach Farm
          Roasted Meat: Hong Kong Eatery (not a particularly nice space, though)
          Peking Duck: King Fung Garden (also not a great space - is a converted pizza parlor)

          1. For Sichuan, Anise in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Bonus with a child: there's parking in a garage less than a block away (and a full bar for the parents). Also much more upscale feeling than the typical Chinatown restaurant, but still has what I believe to be very authentic food.

            In Chinatown, King Fung Garden on Kneeland near Tyler for general Cantonese (and to order a duck a day ahead). For seafood, Peach Farm Garden would be a good choice. Dim Sum is great Hai Le Moon in the Leather District. I've seen young children at all of those places.

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              i ate at anise the other was good, not great. the rabbit dish that i got was fine, but seemed in no way to rate the three chili peppers depicted on the menu to indicate its spiciness--in fact, it was less spicy than the wild fern appetizer that had none!

              the other thing was that on a relatively mild wednesday night at dinner time there was no one in the place...i saw only three tables worth of customers (including ours) during the entire time we were there and zero bar customers. i don't know if they're attracting people the way they need to in order to survive...