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Jan 24, 2007 03:40 PM

Boba in Westchester

For those of you on the Westside for whom Sawtelle Blvd. or Westwood Village is too far away, you can get boba drinks in the Chinese Gourmet Express restaurant in the Howard Hughes center. They have a surprisingly wide variety of boba drinks--about 30 if I counted correctly. The fruit slushes are made with powdered flavorings, and while obviously not as good as drinks made with real fruit, it's exactly the same stuff as you get in many of the San Gabriel Valley boba places. At $2.75 for a medium and $3.25 for a large, the price is not out of line with what you pay in other parts of town.

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  1. There's also a boba place on Lincoln at 80th or so on the east side of the street; it' a Crepe place, called, I think, K.C.'s Crepes. Personally I think the boba stuff is gross, like drinking sugar water poured over gummy bears, but I'm ready to concede I just haven't tried a "good" one. The crepes at this place are uneven -- I think the veggie ones and some of the desert ones and the egg ones are OK. That is, the crepes are good and expertly made, but some of the ingredients aren't terrific -- stay away from 'turkey', for example, because they just use some really cheap pressed processed turkey sludge ripped over the stuff. The ham is a titch better; still processed lunch meat. Where your innards are less processed, the outcome is more succesful! My puppies like the place as do LMU college students apparently.

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      the ice cream crepes are ok.
      for an eggy french-style crepe, i'd go to metro cafe, but they don't serve them with savory fillings there. if you do go to metro cafe, be sure to have them give you some of their fantastic homemade raspberry jam to have with your crepe.

    2. There also is Quickly boba on Manchester Blvd in Westchester, close to Airport Blvd.
      Prices are really good too, but the hours are kind of limited.

      To aliris, my husband, a sugar junkie thinks there is nothing wrong with sugar water poured over gummy bears :)


      1. boba is also served at kc's crepes which is located on lincoln blvd near 83rd st.
        they are open to 10 some nights (saturday for sure, can't remember the others).