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Jan 24, 2007 03:20 PM

Hound gal pals gathering in Atlanta

Howdy- we three gals are gathering in Atlanta for a girly weekend, staying at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead on the concierge floor. This means we'll mostly be sitting around the concierge area noshing and drinking, but we will probably want to get out for one dinner. We all live in decent food cities (Boston, Miami, NYC) and I think what would make us all happy would be a place that's nice but not too fancy, with excellent and warm service, and yummy food. Would love to hear your recs. TIA!

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  1. The Dining Room there at the Ritz is absolutely stellar... but so are the prices (bring some dress-up clothes if you choose this place)! Bone's is nearby. It's a traditional steakhouse with lots of old men in jeans and polo shirts, but the quality is unmatched. Woodfire Grill is a great "Californian" cuisine with lots of focus on local, seasonal ingredients - not too far from your hotel - definitely a quick taxi ride. Kyma (more or less across the street from Bone's) is a fantastic Greek based restaurant - lots of seafood. Restaurant Eugene is a GREAT place a bit south of your hotel. It's one of the better restaurants in the city and is getting better everyday. It's not exactly cheap, but good.

    If you're up for a GREAT sandwich - and I mean great - try The New Yorker Deli. Good lunch spot and relatively close.

    1. All great suggestions from HaagenDazs, I have had a couple bad experiences at Kyma, but I definitely agree with all the other picks.
      Prime is good, right across the street in Lenox. They have some decent sushi and salads.
      Antica Posta is really close and really great.
      Have a great weekend!!

      1. Bless you all, these sound great, particularly the sandwich place (I'm a sandwich lover) and Woodfire Grill.

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          Woodfire Grill is one of my favorites; pretty solid stand by, the atmosphere is real relaxed and the prices are good. The place has a wonderful (not over-powering) wood smoke aroma from the (Mr. Obvious here) wood fired oven and grill. They have a great cheese selection there if that's your kind of thing. Have fun!

        2. I've had 2 wonderful Kyma experiences, that's a great suggestion.

          Also, NY Prime is right by the Ritz and it has some unbelievable steaks - not sure how long it's been there, but my husband & I discovered it not too long ago.

          Bluepointe is supposed to be good altho I haven't been for dinner (the bar is a meat market and gets really really crowded on the weekends though).

          Too bad Brasserie le Coze closed, it would have been another close and delicious suggestion.

          The Ritz dining room is really really really really good but accordingly pricey.

          1. I'm a big fan of Babette's. Great atmosphere, great food!