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Jan 24, 2007 03:19 PM

Best Middle Eastern in Atlanta?

Any thoughts? I'm not from Atlanta, but Zaytoons in Brooklyn is my gold standard.

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    1. Mezza in Oak Grove. Lebanese, very good.

      1. I'd have to second a Rumi's Kitchen vote, but there's also Byblos up in Roswell. Great fun!

        1. If she wants to come to Roswell, there is also Darvish, which I think is better than Byblos (which is also good).

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          1. Nicola's on LaVista near Briarcliff is very good and very entertaining.

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              I love Nicola's not only for the food (which is fairly good) but for the owner who pretends that every visitor is a long lost friend and makes you feel very much at home in his place. And he even dances.....