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Jan 24, 2007 03:11 PM

What's your favorite vegetarian restaurant in San Diego?

I'm going to be in Southern California next week and I'm going to try to get to SD on at least one or two nights. Do you guys have any not-to-be-missed veggie restaurants? N

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  1. My veggie friends rave about the food at Kung Food on 5th (?) in Hillcrest. From what I understand it is not much on ambiance, (they have a drive-thru), but apparently amazing food. I think that the San Diego Reader (local paper) had a review of it recently in its Tin Fork column.

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      A drive-thru? That's so cool! We don't have them in NYC. Thanks for the rec.

      1. re: Nikki NYC

        I'd actually suggest avoiding Kung Food. I've been there a few times and while it's not terrible, it's certainly nothing I'd recommed to go out of your way for - especially if you're from NYC. The food there is nothing special.

        One of the best bets in San Diego for vegetarian fare is The Linkery in North Park. They offer 3-4 very good vegetarian plates every night, and they also serve vegan-friendly items. For my money, that's one of the best places in town for vegetarians in terms of a flavorful, non-standard vegetarian experience. They have an awesome Mexican-style lasagna with roasted veggies and a creamy tomatillo sauce.

        Another great option is Rancho's Cocina, also in North Park. They serve very good vegetarian/vegan Mexican food. The tempeh fajitas are awesome!


      2. re: JRSD

        The problem with Kung Food is that most of the food is not cooked freshly but kept warm with heating lamps the whole day (at least when I was there the last time). If you don't have a large number of customers (which I think is not the case with Kung Food) you most likely to get overcooked, mushy food.

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          Have to agree: Kung Food is to be avoided. Its culinary sensibility is stuck in the 1970s, but its product would have tasted bad even then.

      3. I haven't eaten there yet but I have heard that Jyoti Bihanga serves good vegetarian and vegan food and might be worth a try.

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          Jyoti Bihanga is not bad. They have some offerings that approach comfort food.

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              I moved away from San Diego eight years ago, but I still crave the neatloaf with mushroom gravy at Jyoti Bihanga. Best thing on the menu.

          1. the tempeh reuben at jyoti bihanga is outstanding, and their salads are fresh as can be. the lemon tahini dressing is particularly delicious.

            ki's restaurant in cardiff is great, and you can't beat the view.

            1. Kung Food is awful, awful, awful!

              Try Spread in North Park on University Ave. Very fresh, inventive and funky.

              1. I really like Cafe Zinc - it's really just a cafe, but totally veggie. There's one in Laguna Beach and one in Solana Beach. I have also heard really good things about Jyoti Bihanga, but they keep weird hours, be sure to call before you go. Spread is supposed to be interesting - cool modern decor and an eclectic menu specializing in nut butters, but I haven't been. I also second the recommendation of the Linkery - they have a lot of good veggie options even though they specialize in sausage!

                I also like Gourmet India downtown - they have lots of vegetarian options.