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Jan 24, 2007 03:02 PM

Wedding in Phoenix

I'm looking for a place to have a small dinner party (on a Saturday night) for about 20-25 people. It's really important that the place has good food and a good atmosphere (and no chains). Any ideas?

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  1. What's your budget per person, not including alcohol?

    My first thought is Coup de Tartes and their private dining room. You can find feedback by doing a search.

    There's also the private room at Dick's Hideaway by way of Richardson's. Can't beat the food and that room is great. <---the link isn't working....

    Phoenix City Grille can do groups as well.

    No chains. Lots of personality.


    1. My first thought was Coup des Tartes as well. The private room is perfect and the food superb. You can also bring your favorite wines as they are BYOB ($8.00 corkage per bottle).

      1. What about the Rokerji by the fireplace..very nice ambiance.
        Same owners/management as Richardsons!

        1. Another vote for Coup des Tartes. We held our rehearsal dinner with approximately the same number of people there, and it was superb.

          1. My reception will be at Coupe des Tartes in May. If you reserve Rendevous, their private room, you're looking at a $1500 minimum with $500 down, and their 4 course prix fixes are $60-100 a plate, so you won't have trouble getting the min. Corkage is included in that. The room is lovely, you may spill out into the courtyard, they have a sound system, and their event coordinator, Julie, also serves as their in-house florist. They have an in-house photographer and a wholesaling sommelier to consult, if you wish, as well. It makes planning a snap.

            The food is sublime.