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Jan 24, 2007 02:43 PM

Cheap Eats in Boston???

Can anyone recommend some good food spots in Boston that represents authentic New England food? My boyfriend and I are heading to Boston for the first time and staying in the downtown area..we want to check out good food for cheap!! Any suggestions? Thanks a mil!

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  1. Unfortunately dining in boston isn't cheap, when Racheal Ray did her $40 a day show, she cheated and took the T to Revere for lunch. :-) Love Boston, love New England but our dining situation when it comes to cost is just outragious when it comes to the rest of the country. We vacations recently in Seattle and dined like king and queen, best chefs at a fraction of the costs. let me think a little on your question for Boston...................

    1. How about a Cubano at Chez Henri in Cambridge? Infact they are so big, you could split one. We followed others advise and sat at the bar - loved it! You can easily take the T.

      1. There's not that much for "authentic" New England food. Try dinner at Durgin Park, chowder at Legal, oysters at Union Oyster House. None of those will break the bank. Maybe also a burger at Bartley's in Harvard Sq., breakfast at Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe on Columbus Ave. and fried clams at Morse Seafood in the south end.

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          I love the recommendations, this is exactly what I was looking for..i'm definitely going to print this and take it with me...THANK YOU!

        2. I dont know about New England food, but you can get some great Italian Food in the North End for not too much $$ - try Rabia's on Salem street for great pasta, or the institution in Boston for Pizza - Pizzeria Regina's. For seafood that wont break the bank I'd recommend the No Name restaurant on the's pretty good...not the best (believe it or not, I think the best seafood is not in town, but out in the 'burbs)

          1. Unfortunately, given the harsh climate around here, and our Puritian ancestors, "traditional" New England fare is mostly baked beans, clam chowder, Indian Pudding, Boiled Dinner, and maybe Baked Schrod. Then, there's also a strong Portuguese influence here, due to all the immigrants.

            For the "colonial" New England food, the only place to go is Durgin Park. They have it all, and it's very good. Certainly the only place I know that still serves Indian Pudding. It's also pretty reasonable, and very "Boston".

            For Portuguese food, I like O'Cantihno in Cambridge, which is a wonderful little cafe with fantastic food. I don't know if it qualifies at "cheap eats", but it's certainly not terribly expensive, and you can always cut the cost even more by skipping alcohol and sharing one appetizer and one dessert, maybe.

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              Thank you so much for your information, i'm going to print this out and definitely take it with me!!