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Hawaii North Shore

Any good ideas for good local flavor on the north shore of Oahu for eats and drinks???

Non tourist trap would be nice


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  1. You should check the "Elsewhere in America" board. Most of it is on Hawaii. I got some great recommendations from there when I went to Oahu last month. Or, do a search for "North Shore".

    1. Matsumoto's for shave ice.

      1. I have plenty of ideas, but you're on the wrong board. This will soon be moved to Elsewhere in USA.
        Here's my report from this summer:

        1. I live in Hawaii...Forget Jurison's...tourist trap, pricey, bad food. A Must is Haleiwa Joe's, Kua Aina .. Forget Matsumoto's for shaved ice, again...a tourist trap. Best Shaved Ice is Baldwin's in Waimalu!!!

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            Hm-m, Haleiwa Joe's? With 16 nights of dining, Kaua`i, Oahu and North Shore, that was the one totally dark dining spot for me. Guess that I hit them on a bad night.


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              We weren't impressed either with H Joe's but it was the first night and I was too tired to cook and didn't want to drive far. Very average.

          2. Was just on the North Shore in late Jan., stayed at Turtle Bay, where the locals who worked there all loved Lei Lei's, which is the cafe at the golf course's pro shop (next to it). The food here was fantastic, and casual...which is always nice. The fish I had there was amazing (and the ribs looked incredible). For more upscale, 21 Degrees North at Turtle Bay is very expensive, but I had the best lamb chops of the my life, served with local sweet potatoes (which were purple). For local at Sunset Beach (i.e., pipeline), try the grocery store/deli across from the beach....all locals with cheap good eats. They claim to be "home of the chocolate coconut cream pie", which was mighty tasty...also try the crab and bacon sandwich...think it is only about $5 and is quite popular.

            1. Cafe Haleiwa is the absolute best for breakfast, a must! I grew up on it.
              When you get shave ice, order it with sweet beans and ice cream in the bottom.
              Grab a drink and an appetizer at Haleiwa Joe's or Jameson's (outside only) for the view.
              You can also just stop by Foodland (main grocery store near Waimea) and pickup some poke, boiled peanuts, and some other pupu’s and go eat on the beach.
              Have fun! It's a great place. Find a good plate lunch!
              Anyone have a suggestion where to get a good plate lunch?

              1. I concur on Haleiwa Joe's. Good reasonable, and it always seems packed with surfing regulars.

                1. PS. If you're there over the weekend, look for Huli Huli chicken being cooked just off the road in Haleiwa. Soo good you'll probably eat it with your hands before you get to where your going. If you drive toward Kahuku, look for roadside stands selling Kahuku corn that you can cook later...so sweet. There can be great stands on the side of the road to get fruit and homemade sweets around there.

                  1. Might want to check out the North Shore part of my post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/334698. It covers other islands, plus some Oahu dining, but there are reports on about five spots on the North Shore.


                    1. SO we finally got back and man oh man..........
                      I think I might of hit up every shrimp truck near the turtle bay to kahuku, then of course had my fill of huli huli chicken and a plate lunch at khele's or khekhe's across the street from the 7-11.
                      And the hidden gem I thought was Cholo's and the Sushi joint next to it wasn't bad either.
                      PS, I did Joe's too one night but for drinks only