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Jan 24, 2007 02:31 PM

what to do with packaged tostadas

I bought these at a mexican market. I guess they are basically fried corn tortillas that haven't been broken up yet. I've been eating them straight, but since they came whole and round, I wondered if there was something else i should be doing with them. They are very fresh - much more crunchy than packaged corn chips.

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  1. Why not just make tostadas with them? Tostadas are like an open-faced taco. I make mine with a layer of beans, some meat, a sprinkle of cheese, some shredded lettuce and a little salsa and sour cream, but you can pretty much put whatever you like in a taco.

    Here's a picture:

    1. Well, you should make tostadas with them. The first layer is usually refried beans to provide a stickable base for whatever else you can think of piling on. A simple bean & cheese tostada always works for me. Or you can add shredded chicken, beef, or carnitas. Maybe some veggies, drizzle with your favorite sauce or salsa, some crumbled cotija cheese on top and you're done.

      1. Aimee -- there is a Tex-Mex Tostada recipe on ChowHound, from The Simple Chef, I believe, where he uses green plantains as the tortilla, but in your case, just follow the toppings portion of the recipe for your corn tortillas. Just remember -- any base becomes a platform for whatever you desire, only limited by your imagination. Enjoy!

          1. re: scubadoo97

            I'd wait till they get stale for that.

            Actually I find that if kept in a well sealed container, they stay crisp for some time.

            Mostly I use them like 'chips', broken into large pieces and eaten with a salsa or dip like hummus.


            1. re: paulj

              Yes- we break them up in big pieces for nachos.