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Jan 24, 2007 02:23 PM

Need a cake that just screams...January

I've done it to myself. Every month, our office hosts a birthday party for the employees and rather than do the same old thing, I'm trying to find interesting cake options per month. The office is located in Mid-Wilshire and I live in the same area, so no recs from delicious bakeries in the valley, santa monica, downtown, or glendale will do. I need a place that will deliver, or won't give me anxiety attacks to drive there (not easily done in west hollywood).

Anyway, it's the end of January and I'm totally stumped, so I need the 'hounds help! The budget's pretty flexible, by the way.

Cakes we've done so far:

Triple Berry - Sweet Lady Jane
Flower Basket (marble cake with choc choc chips) - Hansen's
Chocolate Bear Cake - Susina
Buche de Noel - Susina
Chocolate chocolate cake - Bluebird Bakery

I'd love to introduce a new bakery, if possible, but definately want a new type of cake. I was thinking New York-style cheesecake, but where can I find enough for 40 people? Another possibility is a lemony or white cake.

Oh and, red velvet's out for this month (it will be February's cake).


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  1. I'd contact B&L on third st near the Beverly Center, and would special order either the Dobos slice ( not the cake) or the Gourmet Slice - the slices are cakes that they make in long pans rather than in round cake pans so they can be longer and feed more people. Tell them it's for 40 people.
    3rd just west of san vicente. Not too far from anywhere in west hollywood. parking in the back.

    1. I think a good Tres Leches cake would be well-received, but I don't know where to get one in WeHo. La Bodeguita de Pico serves it, but I haven't tried theirs and don't know if they'll sell whole cakes.

      La Bodeguita de Pico
      5047 West Pico Blvd. (one block west of La Brea)
      Los Angeles, CA 90019

      1. L.A. Desserts at the Ivy on Robertson sells (or used to) whole cakes - delicious!

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          We did a birthday cake from LA Desserts a couple of years back -- absolutely delicious, and gorgeous, to boot! Not cheap, though......

        2. have you tried the berry blossom cake from susina? my ultimate favorite cake, and possibly their most popular.

          tres leches sounds like a good idea. there's a bakery on venice and sepulveda (sorry don't know the name) that is supposedly famous for their tres leches cake. i bet other ethnic restaurants/ bakeries have interesting cakes, as well. (like goldilocks)

          if you want to go really quirky, try getting a croquembouche, aka a french wedding cake. it is a huge pyramid tower of cream puffs drizzled with a caramelized sugar. i've had it at a birthday before and it was a hit. i know that paris pastry ( in westwood makes them, and i think they deliver. i bet you could find other places that make them, too.

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          1. re: greengelato

            That bakery is called Coppelia's, and it's on Venice and Motor. Their Tres Leches cake is okay, but not as good as Angel Maid. I think both these bakeries will be too much of a trek from Weho though.

            1. re: greengelato

              i really like the croquembouche idea...thanks!

            2. How about a rumcake? I don't care for the custardy type, but prefer the simpler kind that are made with 1/2 yellow and 1/2 chocolate cake with a sprinkled light brown frosting and a fruity layer between the two yellow and chocolate cake rum-doused halves. I find this type of rumcake at Amy's bakery in Montebello (but they need a couple of day's notice now. Darn, I loved when they would always have some rumcakes ready to take home at a moment's notice). Good luck!