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Jan 24, 2007 02:03 PM

AOC Saturday Night

I am going to AOC this Saturday - have never been before and I would like advice on what to order - what MUST I get??


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  1. Went there for the first time last week. Everything was pretty good. They push the dates pamesan and bacon, but mostly because they're great. There's an excellent soft sheep's milk cheese and both the market fish and lamb dishes were also good. Enjoy!

    1. Ahhh you're so lucky. You'll love it.

      I went there a month ago and these were my thoughts:

      Roasted dates, parmesan and bacon appetizer -- we decided was the best and most interesting dish -- whoever came up with this combination must have been a genius, stoned or both.

      Smoked trout, avocado and beet vinaigrette -- the beet vinaigrette was a pleasant surprise, sweet and flavorful.

      Grilled scallops, braised leeks and salbixada -- my friend thought this tied the dates as the best entree, I thought it had a nice sauce but the scallops seemed kinda ordinary.

      Beef cheeks with paprika and buttered noodles -- the beef was really tender, and the noodles were awesome.

      Clams and sherry with garlic toast -- the toast was surprisingly good, made with very, very fresh bread, but the clams, like the scallops, seemed somewhat generic to me.

      Steamed fingerlings with creme fraiche -- Being a carb lover I would have predicted this as my favorite dish but the potatoes were a bit too salty.

      A plate with three different kinds of french cheeses:
      Capriole old Kentucky tomme Indiana (a goat cheese),
      Tome safranee du querey france (a sheep's cheese with saffron), and
      Epoisses burgundy france (cow's cheese.)

      All three were delish but we liked the goat cheese the best, it was a buttery, double cream cheese like a Brie but tastier.

      So, I say, get the dates for sure and any of the others if the description sounds good. If you must order the fingerlings, tell them to go easy on the salt.


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      1. re: chowmominLA

        thanks for detailed report! would you be able to tell me how big the dishes are? we are going with another couple and not sure if we should order 2 of everything or if 1 plate will be enough to share of each item? thanks!!

        1. re: allisonteal

          Instead of getting 2 of everything, just get more to share, and maybe consider ordering a 2nd plate of something if everyone loves it and it disappears quickly. Plate sizes vary a bit, but if you do a cheese plate, charcuterie, the dates, and a 2 or 3 other things, you'll be super-duper happy.

          1. re: allisonteal

            Well, my friend and I ordered three dishes each plus the cheese plate and it was the perfect amount of food (we're "average" eaters.) So maybe each person should pick two or three things and try to keep them kinda different so you can get a good sampling, and then if necessary order more of your favorites. The servings are small, only big enough for each of the four of you to get one or two good bites. There are soooo many dishes to choose from that even if you all picked three different items, that would only cover half the menu.


            1. re: chowmominLA

              "So maybe each person should pick two or three things and try to keep them kinda different so you can get a good sampling, and then if necessary order more of your favorites."

              ... perfect plan, but now I'm really wanting to go!

              1. re: sll

                yeah tell me about it...allison, do you mind if me and sll tag along? ;0)

            2. re: allisonteal

              If you only have 4 people, you don't need to get two of everything. You can probably get 7-8 dishes and be really happy -- that's what I usually do with a group that size. For a bigger group (like my birthday, when we had 10 people), the waitress suggested that we get two of everything that we all were interested in, and that made a lot of sense. And just to add to the list of favorite dishes, I love the brussels sprouts. I'd have them for dessert, honestly. And the arroz negro is amazing. Enjoy!

          2. Let me third the suggestion for the dates.

            Get a charcuterie plate, too, as that might be fun for you.

              1. re: Bon Vivant

                is the chicken liver crostini similar to the one they are serving at mozza right now?

                1. re: allisonteal

                  I don't really know as I haven't been to Mozza yet (next month) but the recipe was in the Nov 1 2006 edition of the LA Times Food Section so you might be able to do a search and see if the recipe is to your liking.

                  Also, no one has mentioned the roasted cauliflower with the curry seasoning. It's great! Much better than it sounds.


              2. Grilled skirt steak, sauteed mushrooms, fried tetilla, yes to the roasted dates!, and i personally love the cauliflour. There's not much I have tried that wasn't really good. I would also suggest you ask your waiter to make up a cheese plate for you. They always do it up right if you tell them your tastes. Have fun!!