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Jan 24, 2007 01:33 PM

Ojai lunch with bikes?

Planning to take the bike path from Ventura up to Ojai with a friend on Sunday afternoon and was wanting a recommendation for a nice casual place that has good food and a nice setting (preferably a patio) and doesn't mind semi-sweaty cyclists in their bike gear.

Would appreciate any input.

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  1. Boccali's would work. It's my usual stop after riding the Sisar/Gridley loop (mountain bike ride). They serve pretty decent pizza and pasta. Patio seating. Beer and wine available. It's about a mile and a half east of downtown Ojai, just before the road starts switchbacking up out of the valley. Warning: Cash Only!

    3277 East Ojai Avenue
    Ojai, California 93023
    (805) 646-6116

    1. Boccali's is the only place to go!!!
      Try the eggplant parm (and if you have room- an apple crisp for dessert!)
      They also have nice (clean) restrooms!

      1. At the top of the bike path is Eggs N Things, which serves a fairly nice breakfast. Other places to try that don't mind bicyclists and have patios are Pangea on the main street, ext to the movie theater, which has interesting fusion cuisine. Farther down the road, Azu serves real Mexican cokes and has tapas and you can sit outside. Rainbow Bridge -- a natural food store behind Rains, can make really good natural meals that you can eat there. Frankly, I think Bocallis is a bit overrated. It's good if you're in the mood for some above-average Italian.

        1. Thanks so much for the recs.

          I just had another idea, as the Ojai Valley Inn has a couple of casual places. Jimmy's is right on the golf course and has a patio that faces it... You can ride your bikes right up to it.

          Have only had drinks there but know they also have salads, sandwiches, etc. It certainly is a beautiful spot, although typically hotel pricey.

          1. Cafe Emporium, on Montegomery has a patio and they won't flinch about your biking clothes. Rainbow Bridge is a little more take out, sidewalk tables, but the food is good. You could always get a Reuben's burrito and carry it over to Libby Park.