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Jan 24, 2007 01:30 PM

Monterey Area

Any wineries in the area that are worth tasting?

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  1. Best variety and in some cases the only source of various wines
    is at Taste of Monterey, both locations in Monterey and Salinas.
    Try the fine wines from Morgan. Many great local Pinot Noirs.
    Also Ventana tasting room at Tarpy's Roadhouse near the airport.

    1. If you mean Monterey area in a broader sense, you could go to Carmel and then head up Carmel Valley Road - a beautiful drive with several wineries on the route. If you keep going up over the pass (narrow winding road, but pretty) you would come down into Greenfields in the Salinas Valley, home of several wineries. After that you could head back north into the Santa Lucia Highlands area where more wineries are located. This would be a full day trip, but very scenic with numerous wineries. It's been years since I've made this trip, so I'm not sure which wineries are serving etc (do some more research), but this would be a great wine-lover's adventure.