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Jan 24, 2007 01:28 PM

"Your unread posts" glitch

The "Your unread posts" list does not filter out topics with no new-to-me posts. If I switch to my local board, it includes mostly entirely-read topics.

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  1. The topics it shows is based upon the last time you've looked at the new posts page, not on which posts you've read.

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    1. re: Engineering

      So, the thing called "Your unread posts" is really "what has been posted since you last looked at this list"? You can see how the word "unread" might lead someone to believe that the posts listed were unread. Perhaps when you're renaming "Friends" back to "People tracking this 'hound", you'll also rename "Unread posts" to something like "Hot posts".

      While I'm at it, would you also rename the middle column with the number on the board lists from "Posts" to "Replies"? Seeing a thread with a zero in that column is jarring, because the thread would not exist without the first post.

      It will be good to use words that actually mean in English what they mean on Chowhound.

      (It's great to have moved from the health-threatening and missing-functionality requests to ones that will just reduce confusion and make it easier to use. Thanks.)

      1. re: Engineering

        I don't understand what you're saying. Which posts are shown and which are not? What's the filter?

        As Knoblauch says, if it's not unread posts, then it should be renamed. But I think it would be more useful to change the behavior to make it really show only unread posts.