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Jan 24, 2007 01:15 PM

Happy hour in SF

From the opening post in the East Bay counterpart:

"Looking for a good place that has both food and drink specials. Any food type is acceptable, looking for good drink specials as well as food specials (preferably with more to offer than the usual greasy bar food).:

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  1. Schroeder's has free appetizers Thursday and Friday from 5 to 7. The meatballs are really good.

    1. I havent made it to TWO, but my understanding is the HAWTHORNE LANE
      Happy Hour survives? Anyone confirm?

      [BTW, this isnt the cheepest HH, but if you want quality and sophistication...]

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        1. re: psb

          TWO does indeed still have Hawthorne Lane's happy hour, with some changes. Hours are still 4-6pm. There are no longer any booths or tables in the bar area available for HH patrons, so you have to either sit at the bar or in the "lounge area" - basically a seating area right by the front door with a couple of coffee tables. I don't believe they have cocktail specials any more, though all well drinks are $4, and any wine glasses $10 or under are $5. They still have Hennepin beer on tap which is cool. They do still offer $2 "bar bites" but they are not as good as they were under Hawthorne Lane. I had meatballs (good, 2 per order), soft pretzels with honey mustard sauce (didn't like them), liverwurst (I think) on rye toast with pickled onions, and eggplant fries with marinara dipping sauce. None were really all that memorable. However, it's still one of the only real happy hours in SF.

          1. re: Maya

            Thanks for the info. Since the restaurant is open essentially all day, can you just order bites from the regular menu during happy hour at TWO?

            1. re: mrs bacon

              You can order from the regular menu in the bar area, it's the same price as eating at a table though.

            2. re: Maya

              I went once when it was still Hawthorne Lane, but the service was so awful for happy hour that I would not go again. It took a long time to get anything, they screwed up our order, so the service staff was just not together. The happy hour is cheap, but I still found such sloppy service unacceptable. I'm curious to know if people have had positive experiences since I would like to consider going again now that it's TWO.

              1. re: Mari

                I went to the HH at HL many times and never had bad service, so
                consider that some contrary data points. Food service isnt quite
                as express as drink service, but it still was fine. Dunno if we can
                extrapolate into the TWO era.

                My only complaint with HL, and this is a complain without blame,
                is it's really kind of crowded at the bar ... not a lot of Lebesraum.

                Ok tnx.

            1. Some discussion about oysters in the EB HH thread.
              Mecca appears to still have $1 oysters.
              Again the drinks arent the cheapest, but this is
              an adult, not "get wasted for $5", type place.


              I didnt think the Toyko GoGo HH was that great a deal ...
              also, after three drinks, I started ordering expensive fish,
              so it sort of defeated the purpose ... or maybe that is the
              point, depending on which side of the bar you're on.

              ok tnx.

              1. The Lobby Bar at the St. Regis Hotel has great drinks - especially their Lemon Drop. You can also order appetizers from Ame in the bar. Yes, this is a bit more upscale and pricey, but it is usually a fun crowd.

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                1. re: LisaLisaSF

                  Er, arent the drinks there +$10? I seem to remember picking up round of 3 or 4
                  cocktails and it was +$30 or +$40. Without a doubt quality product and atmosphere,
                  (and proximate to BART) but that's not really a place that belongs in a Happy Hour
                  thread, is it?

                  Or do they have an HH? If so, do you know any details?

                  ok tnx.