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Jan 24, 2007 01:08 PM

New recommendations in Salt Lake City?

I visit Salt Lake City every year to ski, and usually stay downtown because it is easier as a single traveller to be downtown than up at a ski lodge. I have been fairly impressed with the culinary offerings. Since things change so much year-by-year, I wondered what the current thoughts are on what is good. I basically like everything, but it helps if I can eat at the bar (or otherwise the place is set up so that dining alone won't feel too wierd -- i.e., a really romantic place isn't great for solo dining). I'll have a car, but prefer to keep it pretty close to downtown. Also, I get in pretty late the first night -- any recommendations for late night (10-11pm) dining besides Market Street (which I like and would be happy to go back to). thanks!!

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  1. There's a new pizza place next to Red Rock Brewery on 200 W. Called Settebello, I believe. Authentic Neapolitan pizza. No kidding. The crust is amazing. Dunno how late they are open. Nothing else too new. For other late night dining options, Squatters has a limited menu until midnight I believe.

    1. We're new fans of Faustina, in a groovy space @ 454 East 300 South. I think a single diner would be quite welcome, and you are bound to find something on the menu that grabs your attention.

      And be forewarned...Market Street has undergone some changes. So much so that I am about to post a downhill alert. Go for Appy Hour (now only early), but don't stick around for dinner.

      If you have not enjoyed Mazza yet it would be well worth the drive to 15 and 15. The Paris Bistro is across the street, and while the food is fine, service can be iffy and it can get pricey.

      1. Tell me a little about Faustina and Mazza. I haven't been to either and am always up for trying something new. I agree with you completely about Paris. I ate there last year and thought it was OK, but I wasn't wowed by the value or service. I certainly have no problem with driving to 15 and 15. Any thoughts on Italian food? Thanks again for your help!!

        1. Faustina is New American. Ultra-groovy room, good service. Food is excellent...appetizers in the $8-$12 range, entree's from mid-teens to low $20's.

          Mazza is one of SLC's finest. Absolutely fabulous Middle Eastern. Their baba ghanouj and hummus are the standards by which all others are judged. I've yet to take a bite at Mazza that didn't wow.

          And if you check out Faustina, be sure to sign up for Rewards can get a 20% kickback to your credit card. Membership is $50 a year, but if you eat out several times a month you can easily earn more than the fee over the course of the year.

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            Got in too late for dinner on Wednesday night, so Mazza had to give way to Red Iguana on Thursday. That place never ceases to amaze and please me. The Mole Amarillo was incendiary! I rarely order desert in a Mexican restaurant, but the flan was much needed and appreciated to cool down my mouth. Add to that a reasonably priced margarita with top shelf tequila, and I was a happy camper. Friday night was Faustina, and I think you for the recommendation. I had 2 martinis (pomegranet sp? and grapefruit, and orange/cucumber -- both delicious). I started with Shrimp Bisque, that wasn't as spicy as I would like, but nicely done, and scallops on beet risotto. The scallops were perfectly done, and the beet risotto was nice, but an absurdly large quantity. Saturday was Cafe Molise. Shared the antipasto appetizer special, and we each had pastas that were good but not exemplary. All in all, a nice trip to beautiful SLC! Thanks for the recommendations. Next trip I'll definitely try Mazza.

          2. Sounds like you hit some highlights. I would never complain about the size of that risotto portion...made for a yummy lunch the next day. One of my fave dishes in recent memory.