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Jan 24, 2007 01:07 PM

Two Part OC Question


1) Any recs for a romantic, 'cute' place to take my wife out for her b-day? Food would preferably be continental. Doesn't have to be expensive.

2) Any european style bakeries in the Newport/Costa Mesa/Irvine area? Would love to get her a Sacher torte.


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  1. Pascal's - just make sure he is in the kitchen that night!!

    I'd look into ordering a Sacher torte online, but the bakery at Old World may make them.

    1. Try Cafe Blanc in Costa Mesa for amazing chocolate deserts....I'm sure they could make something similar to a sacher torte if you ask...

      1. I think Pascal is it. A colleague of mine just recommended it.

        And Cafe Blanc is getting back to me whether they can do a Sacher to my liking.

        Thanks to the both of you.

        1. Zov's is and bakery; call them if you strike out at Cafe Blanc. Pascal's is the ultimate: yummy & understated, romantic. Very expensive. His sous chef was there the night we went and it was still incredible. Enjoy!