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Jan 24, 2007 12:54 PM

Indigo Smoke in Montclair, NJ

Anyone been here? Looking for reviews and possible recommendations and what to get there.


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  1. I went several years ago when they had first opened. The food was very good then, but if i recall correctly, the wait times were unbelieveable. I'm talking a solid HOUR to get a table, and then we ordered, it took almost 30 minutes for our appetizers, and an HOUR for our entrees. Literally, my rear end was numb half-way through the meal.

    Very good food, typical BBQ / soul food type dishes, I remember they had an excellent buttermilk sorbet for dessert.

    Of course this was several years ago, so I'm sure they have solved the service and wait time issues.
    Search here for more recent threads too.