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Jan 24, 2007 12:52 PM

Mayurama in Culver City

This is where Asian Kitchen used to be. The sign says, "Exotic Food" and I was wondering what that means. Anyone been?

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  1. Its an indian restaurant (i think it specializes in southern indian). the buffet was pretty good, and it featured some dishes that were new to me (soup, for one, and a good beet green dish). On weekends the buffet comes with mango lhassis and plain dosa (but you'll have to ask for the dosa). The mint chutney was particularly good there. You are talking about the one on the SW corner of overland and venice, right? I don't remember the name, but the exotic food line rings a bell.

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      1. Mayura Restaurant
        10406 Venice Blvd (at Motor)
        Culver City, CA 90232
        310 559 9644

        Mayura = peacock in Sanskrit

        There are two kitchens at Mayura (one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian). The non-vegetarian one has pretty much the same food as the previous Asia Kitchen. The vegetarian one specializes in South Indian (particularly, Kerala) food. I've been there twice in the last two weeks. The food has been outstanding. The chicken curry was wonderful. There is a bread that goes with it called Appam that is somewhat like the Ethiopian injera. The Kerala Fish Curry is fantastic (mega spicy!). I did not much care for it made with salmon, but with tilapia it's great. Ask before you order. The Dosas were also great as was the Thali. Highly recommended. I'm going back for more....

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          Is this place related to the defunct restaurant with the same name that was supposedly owned by an Indian physician that brought a chef from New Delhi on Doheny Dr. just S of Wilshire Blvd? I found that place underspiced and overpriced gringoized Indian food!

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            I dont know for sure, but I dont think so. The chef is the daughter of one of the owners. They are from Kerala (not Delhi). And, the food (especially the Kerala Fish Curry) was definitely not underspiced!

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              Thanks for the good news, guess I'll have to check this place out!

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            Thanks Dorab! .

            We checked out Mayura for dinner couple of weeks back..and then went again last week! Highly recommended. Some more details

            The owners used to be with Annapurna (vegetarian dosa joint, also on Venice) and recently opened up their own place. They are from Kerala, which is known for its Aapam (made from rice flour..think of a cross between idli and dosa) and seafood dishes. I definitely second the recommendation on the fish curry. We also tried the chicken curry (excellent), shrimp masala (good, but oily) and the fish fry (good).

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