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Jan 24, 2007 12:47 PM


WHAT IS GOING ON THERE?? Rumor has it that AKHTAR NAWAB, formerly of Craftbar and the never opened Allen and Delancey, is the new chef. If that's the case, the line at EU should grow quickly. With NAWAB in the kitchen, I just wish I lived closer.

any one know if this is true????

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  1. Going there tonight - 8pm reservation. Will report back.

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    1. re: mjps2

      Had dinner there on Saturday. Service was excellent. I hadn't been here before, so I can't report back on the old vs. new menu, but perhaps someone can chime in and let me know if the old menu is, perhaps, back? It seemed like it might be.

      Started with oysters and a nice cava. Had a smoked duck + frisee starter which was delightful. The SO had chicken and dumplings, with chestnut gnocci which I think he liked, but didn't rave about. The chicken (upon my tasting) was moist but crisp on the outside. Perfectly done. I had a baked strozzapreti with milk-cooked pork, cavelo nero, and lemon that I thought was outstanding. Interesting wines by the glass too.

      Will definitely go back--had a lovely evening. The only flaw was the coat-check flow, but that's just a seasonal issue.

    2. Just had dinner there last Wednesday evening. Service was excellent, it wasn't too crowded. I had the beet salad with goat cheese which wasn't very exciting. The salmon was okay. My friend raved about her pork belly (which smelled delicious). We shared the cheese plate for dessert which was well paired with jellies and nuts. Overall, I'd say the meal was pretty forgettable.

      1. Funny the coat check was mentioned-- I found it to be a major ordeal in my dining experience there. Done pretty curtly and without any grace or speed. I'm anxious to try the new chef, but since I live a block away maybe I'll just run over in a sweater! :)