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Jan 24, 2007 12:43 PM

New Du-par's - lunch - anyone been?

OK, I had breakfast at the new Du-Par's in Farmer's Market the other day: french toast, good, bacon good, pancakes -- soggy.
Thinking of taking the kiddos back for lunch -- has anyone had the sandwiches or other lunch dishes since the re-do? Not sure I can handle French toast for lunch.
My son likes a good burger and a piece of pie -- will he be happy?

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  1. I've been for lunch, and it's mostly the same... Though it was closed for so long, I hardly remember what it was like before. The sandwiches are OK, the fries are pretty good, the prices have inched up a little higher.

    The tri-tip sandwich with some BBQ sauce on the side went down much better than the Wood Ranch equivalent, though it cost about as much.

    The counter is gone, though, and I really miss that.

    1. We really need to get enough hounds to voice their displeasure with Du-Par's for changing the pancakes. They said they wouldn't, but they obviously have, and not for the better. It makes no sense at all. I just don't understand why they decided to make them worse, just for the sake of changing something.

      1. the french toast there is awful compared to the one in studio city.

        1. I get Du Par's kiddie meal for my 8 year old all the time before the remodel, and he liked it just fine. I remembered the price was very reasonable too. But my son's usual was grilled cheese, fries, diet coke and vanilla ice cream (all in kiddie meal). Didn't have a burger there.

          I've never eaten there since we always ended up with food at the Gumbo Pot, so you can really get Du Pars to go for your kid and get something else for yourself. Best of both worlds.