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Jan 24, 2007 12:41 PM

MSP Tejas?

I was at Candyland today in downtown Minneapolis, harking me back to the days I used to work in the Conservatory and order a Number 2 (popcorn in a box, no butter) nearly every day. Either that or I'd get sweet potato fries and some kind of taco and tortilla soup from Tejas, which I still crave.

Tejas never seems to be mentioned on these boards and is kinda far for us to drive, but now I really would like to check it out again (50th and France, Edina). Anyone have an opinion before I made a reservation and force my nonchowish husband to accompany me?


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  1. i have been dissapointed - all seemed bland, but if you did liked it once, i say go for it!

    1. We eat there occasionally after a movie across 50th Street at the Edina Cinema. It's perfectly fine, but I personally would not drive across town just for the food or the drinks. Perhaps dinner and a movie would be more appealing to your husband.