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Jan 24, 2007 12:32 PM

Bring on the Muffin

With all the debate going on about who has the best cupcake, I can't help but feel sorry for his unfrosted morning brethren the muffin. So to show our support, how about taking a moment to point out those places that would put even the revered Muffin Man to shame.

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  1. Frank's Famous in Glendale/Montrose has great homemade muffins. Not cakey, they've got more body and weight and great flavor. Downside is that they only have a few flavors every day. Peanut Butter n Jelly muffin is our fave, Blueberry is excellent, Banana Nut is excellent..........about $1.25 each last time we were there.

    1. I like those few places that give you muffins instead of bread. They had some interesting ones at Jack Sprat's Grille on PIco.

      1. clementine for all pastries!

        1. Fox's, a popular breakfast/lunch spot on Lake Ave. in Altadena, serves some daaaarling little bitty muffins with their breakfasts. Not sure to be honest just exactly what kind they are - they're quite tasty, though I have to say I'm more a sourdough-toast kind of person.

          When Smitty's Grill catered a fundraiser I worked on a couple of years ago, they served some kind of sugar-frosted corn muffins half the size of my head. As you who have read my rants know all too well I do *NOT* approve of sweet cornbread, but these I just accepted as dessert, and enjoyed them thoroughly (yup, got greedy and ate three!). Delicious. Do not know if they're a regular menu item, but worth investigating. They're supplying the food again this year, so maybe I'll find out then!

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            The raspberry muffins at Europane in Pasadena. Seconded by blueberry, they have excellent baked goods.

          2. Il Fornio has really good banana muffins. And I actually like Mani's pumpkin cranberry.

            Susina has a great bran muffin with apple filling.