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Jan 24, 2007 12:24 PM

Restaurant to Bar or Restaurant to dancing

Looking for a restaurant where I can have a birthday dinner (for about 12 late 20ish friends) and then invite others to come later for the bar scene. Did this a few weeks ago at Jones - but the food was mediocre and the bar scene was ridiculously busy. Did this last year at Beachwood and it was fun - but a little far. Happy to eat anywhere from Hollywood to Brentwood - and I wouldn't want dinner to go over $50. Any ideas would be great.

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  1. I had my BF's birthday at Sunset Beach in Hollywood. The food was pretty good and the bar was very cool. We had drinks at the bar area before dinner. I don't think they have dancing though.

    1. Chez Jay in Santa Monica. The food is surprisingly good, albeit a little bit higher priced than you'd like. And the bar is great.

      1. how about Celadon - went there for dinner last night and it was great, but quiet. Has anybody been there on a weekend night when it had a little more atmosphere?

        1. buffalo club in Santa Monica?