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Jan 24, 2007 11:53 AM

Top Chef Predictions?

Any thoughts, ideas, or insights on who will be the final two after tonight?

For what it’s worth I’m guessing Sam and Marcel.

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  1. Definitely Sam. Probably Marcel. Maybe Elia. Definitely not Ilan (I am still gagging over the Chocolate chicken livers).

    1. I predict the winner of the first challenge will get to pick the second member of their team for the elimination challenge, and that both members of the team that loses the elimination challenge will go home.

      Beyond that, it's a toss-up. They've all shown themselves capable both of making great food and of making really stupid mistakes.

      If nobody makes any showstopper mistakes, I'd bet on Elia over Sam.

      1. On the previews Elia accused Marcel of "cheating several times". Thats enough for me to want her out.

        Sam and Marcel will be the last two. Marcel will be kept even if the judges want him out. Marcel is good TV and gets ratings so the producers will want to keep him. Sam and Elia are about equal in talent but Elia is not much of a leader. Ilan has no chance at all.

        1. I'm going with Sam and Elia- even though I think Marcel should be there too. I bet Elia takes it all.

          1. i have a feeling Sam and Elia are out tonight. ill have the same "no WAY" response I did last year when Lee Anne was kicked off.

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              That's consistent with another blog that points to a Hawaiian newspaper article about the finale. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, though, especially if it turns out to be bogus.