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Lunch at Artisanal Tomorrow

Suggestions Chowhounders?

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  1. The french onion soup is stellar. Don't bother with the steak frittes. It's ok, just not mindblowing. Just load up on cheese-y yummies.

    1. The gougeres app is terrific.

      1. Don't get the mussels. Was there a week ago and was very unhappy with them. Loved the three sides that are recommended with the cheese plates.

        1. I work in 2 Park, where Artisinal is located.

          If its available, the Dover Sole is fantastic. I get it every time.

          1. get a cheese platter for the table! oh and i agree with the gougeres app! amazing!

            1. if they have the white asparagus app, get it! as lovely as in Paris, with a terrific butter sauce that'll make you weep

              1. I went for Rest. Wk dinner last night and was happy with my meal..ordered squash soup with pumpkin seeds and Beef Bourguignon and for dessert a cheese plate with honey and walnuts. All were very good. The beef came with polenta that could have been better tha L'Impero's.

                Other things that are good here...of course the fondue and...their creamed spinach.


                1. The fish fry is decent. Cheese plate is the thing not to miss.

                  1. The French onion soup is fabulous, and the gougeres (cheesy poofs) are also great. Stick with dishes that contain cheese for a sure bet!

                    1. gougeres are great, steak frites medicore...service NOT attentive...sound levels HORRENDOUS. it's not as bad as it might be, but far from as good as i had hoped.

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                        The thing about Artisanal is it's a boisterous brasserie...by design. It's a social place...not an attempt at a refined dining experience. Once you can accept that, you'll enjoy the experience.

                        As others have stated, the onion soup is very good. I've had a good batch of the mussels before, but I can see how people might not like them. You can't deny that the bread they give you for dipping is great. Yes, the gougeres are great...but they remind me too much of simpler times when Eleven Madison Park would give them to each table for free. If you like artery clogging indulgences and heavy amounts of garlic, look no further than Artisanal's cassoulet. It's remarkably flavorful, but be prepared to take a long nap without any company afterwards. The chicken under a brick is solid. The fondues are solid (remember people...February is Fondue Month...with 28 special fondues) and of course the cheese selection is solid, if overpriced.

                        Went there last night for some wine and cheese at the bar with my brother-in-law. Fun time...if you get there early enough - otherwise the place is a zoo.