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Jan 24, 2007 11:15 AM

AGO Eats

I need a recommendation for somewhere for lunch on Saturday, near the Art Gallery.

No real limit on pricing but don't care for things like pho shops and not keen on going for Chinese or Vietnamese food.


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  1. Baldwin Street, two blocks north, between Beverly and McCaul, has a number of decent (though not spectacular) restaurants to choose from, including Italian. There's also the area on Queen St to the south of the AGO. I don't really have any favourites in that neighbourhood, but anything that looks decent on the outside should be fine.

    1. art square? right across from the ago, well the renovation side, and has some nice crepes, juices, teas and illy espresso drinks. i enjoyed the tuna crepe with their "thousand island dressing" salad because it ended up being a nice vinegar based dressing.

      not too impressed with the truffles.

      1. Cafe LaGaffe on Baldwin is excellent, also, Sage and Mangiacake on McCaul are good too but not really sit down places.

        Also on McCaul is Midi Bisto, which is nice

        1. Wow... can anyone recommend something slightly further afield then? I looked up some of these and they don't appeal -- we'd like to linger over lunch a little without having an endless 'coffee' crowd coming in or sitting on top of one another.........

          1. Well- if you go to the east side of the AGO & walk across the street there's the Grange, with it's numerous takeout stands. Don't let the immediate darkness fool you- there's great Moussaka & lovely seating areas further in. I've spent quite a few hours in there myself, huddled away from roomates & the cold ( I used to live across from the gallery on Dundas).

            Queen street is pretty slim pickings, unless you don't mind standing- the old building across from Much Music has a great selection of well-made foods for the local lunch crowd.

            It's unfortunate that you don't wish to go for Chinese- there's some really good places there- including a new Bun shop that my Korean friend introduced me to...mmm.

            What part of the Kawarthas are you from, may I ask?

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            1. re: EPIcureanTO

              Lakefield.............. Only the best small town in the world :)

              1. re: kawarthagirl

                Right next to Peterborough, of course (my old hometown).

                Though your river side beach beats our lake :)

                Looks like you have lots of suggestions- let us know where you go-!

                Oh- if you ever come in during the week- try the Courthouse(literally-next to city hall)

                1. re: EPIcureanTO

                  In Peterborough? The list is long and growing! There are several new places that opened in the last year and are opening soon. We have the advantage of being in the food magazine business, so we get all the intel!

                  1. re: kawarthagirl

                    No no- I mean the courthouse in Toronto Queen & University. (New places in the patch, huh? Peterborough *is* a place of restaurant high turn-over.)

                    There is a food magazine based in Lakefield??

                    I bet we can play six degrees of separation quite easily...

                    1. re: EPIcureanTO

                      I'm sure you're right... but so as not to get in trouble here, I'll leave it at that. However, if someone was to suggest that you google: lakefield ontario restaurant magazine, you would find us ;)