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Location of Poster Name / "Replying to" Name

Poster Name Location:
In the previous two incarnations of the software the poster name was listed at the top of the post. In fact that's the convention at pretty much every message board. With this release poster name now appears at the *end* of a post. As long as the the post is short the name appears on screen but if the post scrolls off the screen you have to move down to see the name. Could you restore the earlier default? I prefer to know the name first before I read the post. Think of it like a telephone call where the caller says their name before speaking.

"Replying To" Name
In the previous release post were marked with the name poster to which the reply was directed (i.e. each post said "John Smith replying to Kathy Jones.") This feature was added to fix a limitation in the indenting method of identifying replies where indenting stopped at the third level. The method worked nicely and should be brought back.


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  1. Yes - I liked that "replying to" information.

      1. We're adding the replied to link back in today, it was an egregious oversight on our part.

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        1. I agree. I would like to know who the new post is addressing.

          Imagine listening to a party conversation blindfolded, instead of following the eyes of the person talking. Even though everyone can hear him (and he wants everyone to hear), he is looking at one particular person in the crowd at a time. This is important.

          1. Thanks Bob,.
            I had sent in a similar post.
            We all have our preferences.

            1. Please add the "poster name location" back to be at the top of the thread, not the bottom. Besides the fact that you don't know who you are reading until it's read, one thing I notice is happening a lot today is it's even harder to tell when you're reading an old thread. We've got enough trouble with people resurrecting ancient posts from the archives, this just makes it worse.

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              1. re: Chris VR

                In that vein, I can't figure out if there's a way to tell from the message board index view if a thread was started long ago. Before the name of the originator was a different shade. Now I'd have to click on the original poster's name to find out if it's old, or is there another way? And if not, could this be put on the list of to-do's.

              2. Posters on another thread are also asking for the Poster Name to appear at the start of the post:


                1. Yes, please move name! When a new post appears beneath a collapsed post, it looks like the earlier poster wrote the new post, especially if the new post is long.