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Jan 24, 2007 10:45 AM

Need help finding a pasta maker

I don't know the first thing about pasta makers but need to buy one for a gift. The giftee is an accomplished cook and I'd like to get the best pasta maker I can for under $250. What brand should I get and what attachments are essential? Any other things I should get to round out the gift?

He doesn't have a stand mixer so those attachments are not an option.

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  1. Mine is an Imperia that came from It wasn't just under $250; it was under $50. It comes with a basic spaghetti/fettuccine attachment.

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    1. re: revsharkie

      I've noticed that there are many models of the Imperias. Which one do you recommend?

      1. re: PumpkinHead

        if you go to and type in "imperia pasta maker," the first one that comes up is the one I have. the $49.95 one. Basic, non-electric.

    2. You should not have to pay anywhere near $250. But if you want to up the ante buy a motor for the pasta machine. They can be purchased separately. With most manual machines you almost need a 3rd. hand and the motor eliminates that need.