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Chili - A beverage other than beer to serve with Chili

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I am planning an informal dinner with Chili as the main course. We will also be having a green salad, Quesadillas with monteray jack cheese and jalpeno peppers, and corn bread.
There will be some guests who do not like beer. What non alcoholic drink would you serve with this moderately hot meal. Also what else ( food wise ) would be a good addition.

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  1. Since beer is such a classic combo with chili, how about non-alcoholic beer? The one made by Heneiken and the one by Guinness are both good.

    Then there's also a craft root beer, if you have any in your neck of the woods. Here in the Northwest, we have many craft root beers to choose from.

    Food wise, it is traditional to make chili without beans, and then serve some hot pinto beans on the side.

    1. apple cider, ginger beer, pomegranate juice or blueberry juice spalshed into seltzer. virgin banana daquiris? lol, i can't fathom a n/a beverage at a dinner party.

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          Why not, indeed! Milk is the perfect bevvie for chili

        2. I know, I know. But there are some!!!!! Who do not like beer. I am not one of them.

          1. A nice mango drink. Blend some mango with some lime juice and ice cubes (a touch of sugar if you want that extra sweet punch). Strain or don't strain depending on your preference to pulp in the drink and pour a little into a glass, top with eith stil or sparkling water and give it a gentle stir.

            i often enjoy this with a midweek curry or Mexican dish instead of a beer.

            Or even add yogurt emit the water and have a mango lassii - it'll go with a chilli as well as a curry.

            1. I'd be tempted to offer a nice dry light ginger ale or one of the La Croix sparkling waters, lemon, lime or plain with a slice of lime or lemon.

              Had a largeish gathering last fall. It was a warm night and we went through a lot of that La Croix. There was wine and beer available but it is so refreshing .

              1. Yah, ginger ale would be good.

                Perhaps lime-aid. Lately, I've been mimicing Sonic's version by squeazing a lime into 12 oz of lemon lime soda with crushed ice. Very good and refreshing. Sounds like a summer drink - but it would go well with the food you're talking about.

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                  I also vote for fresh squeezed lime-aid. I often add fresh lime juice, along with cilantro to one of my chili recipes.

                2. Lemonaide for the non alcoholic drinkers

                  Vodka Lemonaide, or Tequila Lemonaide for folks who wish to endulge.

                  1. Ginger ale would be my choice. Or a variety of good root beer, cream soda, or orange sodas (in the bottles, not cans).

                    1. yeah...the giner ale and chili do seem like a good match. genius.

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                        Just be sure it is not too sweet and cloying.

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                          Well one way to make sure it isn't too cloying is to serve Reed's Jamaican Original or Extra ginger ale. That's anything but sweet and available at Trader Joe's, at least it is here in Bean Town.

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                            Reed's is very good and so is their Ginger Ice Cream

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                              OMG, they make a Ginger Ice Cream? I may be 6'3", but between the Ben & Jerry's and the Haagen-Dazs it's hard enough, as it is, to stay south of three bills. Thanks a lot Candy....yeah,..... thanks a lot :-)

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                          Agreed as well. The boylan's ginger ale made with cane sugar is good and has a nice bite. There is another brand of ginger ale called Bleinheim or something like that that would be good.

                          Also would recommend iced tea. Freshly brewed, slightly sweetened iced tea.

                        3. beer is the classic. My second choice is coca-cola. If you want something a little more unexpected, try cream soda or a (not too sweet) root beer.

                          food wise...I'd do brownies for desert, spiced with cinnamon and chili peppers...ala mode.

                          1. Maybe hibiscus iced tea- the flavor isnt sweet (unless sweetened) and complements spicy flavors. On many a Mexican menu it is quite refreshing. Seltzer can be added to it also along with a lime twist.

                            1. Ditto on the ginger ale or sparkling lemon-ade for non-alkies. I think something light and citrusy would complement chili well. Maybe even a sparkling apple cider.

                              1. When we went to Mexico, we were served sweetened rice milk. It was pretty good - not as heavy as milk, and slightly sweet, which cut the heat from the food quite well. A google search should give you some recipe options.

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                                  Horchata is the name for that beverage. It typically has cinnamon in it too. Quite tasty.

                                  You can also find recipes for Agua Frescas all over the place on the web.

                                  Mexican sodas like Jarritos would be nice as well.

                                  And, since Chili is really more Texan than Mexican, you could get some Big Red or Dr. Pepper, both native to Waco.

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                                    I was going to mention Big Red for authenticity's sake; I can't abide the stuff myself, way too sweet. I've never tried it but I bet Dublin Dr. Pepper (with the real cane sugar) would be good.

                                    My own favorite is Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer when I can get it; I imagine other birch beers would be good, also. Cock and Bull Ginger beer would be another good one.

                                    Among the Mexican sodas, any of the pineapple flavored ones I would think would be good.

                                2. Sparkling cider could be good, you can get both hard and soft (i.e., non-alcoholic) varieties. I actually prefer hard cider to beer with spicy Indian food, though for some reason I've never tried it with chili.

                                  1. As a non-drinker, I have to say I can't stand carbonated drinks with spicy food. Why, I don't know, but it seems to clash for me and a lot of carbonated (I assume unique to non-alcoholic) are VERY carbonated. So I would pick osmething with a light carbonation or none. I like the mango juice idea or horchata.

                                    1. I'd generally go with Coca-Cola or lemonade. However, hot tea or iced tea with lemon both go well as well.

                                      1. You could do a nice, non-alcoholic sangria punch....lots of recipes on the net. You can make it as sweet or sour or lo cal or not as you want it to be.

                                        1. my vote is for ginger ale w/ lime, or cream soda.

                                          then again, i put chocolate, cinnamon and coffee in my chili so.......chocolate milk? iced cinnamon coffee?

                                          1. Horchata, the Mexican cinnamon flavored rice drink.

                                            The Mexican Sangria soda pop (grape/citrus flavor).

                                            1. I would serve iced tea and cut up some lemons so people can add them if they would like. Revolution Earl Grey with Lavender, loose black tea, or Wild Sweet Orange Tazo tea all make good iced tea.

                                              1. The hibiscus tea I had mentioned in an earlier post is called Agua de Jamaica. I remember having it at Mexican restaurants and it is made the hibiscus flower. It is readily available in the U.S. at Mexican grocers and a very refreshing drink.

                                                1. I'd go with a good Birch Beer, Root Beer, or Cream Soda for carbonation and the Mango Juice sounds great also.

                                                  A nice cole slaw goes great with Chili, easy to make ahead and refreshing, I often make an ambrosia to go with spicey meals. The fruit cools off the palate. HAVE FUN!

                                                  1. Root beer floats. Watermellon juice.

                                                    1. And now I want to try all of your wonderful ideas tomorrow night, instead of beer. Thanks everyone for giving me some great ideas.