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Jan 24, 2007 10:42 AM

What's Open Late in Sunnyside?

I thought this might be helpful for others also. We don't eat out late very often, so I have no idea which places stay open later in the evening for dinner -- where can one still get a table at 11 or so during the week?

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  1. Mangal Kebab closes at midnight, I believe.

    1. Azteca is also open quite late. Do any of the bars in the area have kitchens that are open past 11?

      Of course there's always the taco trucks, NY Style Eats (not recommended), and Alpha Donuts (recommended only for donuts).

      1. There's always Chateau Le Blanc (white castle), the taco truck on 41st, which is my fave. I disagree about Alpha-D and NYStyle Eats. NY's a perfectly adequate diner and Alpha's got some good drunk food, like a perfectly fine Irish egg and bacon thing for late nights. I miss the Chipper. Helas.

        1. NY Style Eats is semi-OK diner food. I've only eaten a meal at Alpha once and it was horribly greasy (which may be good drunk food, but that portion of my life is well in the past now). In any event, I don't think Alpha or the Castle is quite what the original poster had in mind, since she asked about getting a "table"

          Is Natural Tofu or that other Korean place on the n. side of Queens Blvd. open late? A lot of Korean places are... (oh, there's also that one next to the grocery on Roosevelt).

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          1. re: Woodside Al

            Oh! Getting a "table." Well... I wouldn't eat in Sunnyside for that time of night, anyways. Is TJ's Asian Bistro open late? Was there and was pleasantly surprised. Is that one next to the grocery on Roosevelt any good?

            1. re: Monkey Man Jake

              Years ago, when Sunnyside was something a lot more like a center of the Korean community than it is today, it was pretty good. A decent BBQ option. But I haven't eaten there in a very long time. I'm always surprised when I drive by there at night that the place is still there.

          2. The Peruvian chicken spot on 46th near Greenpoint Avenue is usually swingin' around 11ish. I'm not sure what their closing time is tho.