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Places for a quick bite near the Castro Theater

There doesn't seem to be much on the Castro in the archives. I need places nearby where I can grab a quick meal in between film noir. I realized that I had not eaten in the Castro in along time. There used to be a good Chinese restaurant on the street just south of Castro, but that was many years ago.

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  1. Thai House Express, 19th & Castro. Fuzio is quick and a few doors down, nothing special but serviceable.

    1. House of Chen-335 Noe Street
      Home- Market/Church
      Thai House Express - on Castro
      Chow- on Church

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        Nothing too quick about Home or Chow, plus they're not even that close to the theater.

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          They could do door to door MUNI which would take no time. At certain times a day you can get a quick meal, just depends.

      2. Some friends and I recently had a very good meal at Ararat on 18th at Castro just before catching the restored "Black Orpheus" at the Castro Theater. It was very good and everything quite flavorful. They describe themselves as being predominantly mediterranean small plates, but the entrees were very generous and the lamb shank in particular was very tasty.

        1. Two very nice spots in the Castro.
          Eureka - 18th and Castro, be sure to make reservations.
          2223 Market - Market Street between Sanchez and Noe, fun and delicious!

          Both within walking distance to the Castro Theatre. Enjoy...

          1. How about Crave on Market St. It's a comfort food place and kind of a scene, but everything we had was tasty. It's right on Market St. near Castro, past the gas station.

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              Could you expand on Crave? This one seems to have passed me by. Thanks!

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                I couldn't find a real link, just citysearch, etc.. Crave has a full bar and all small plates, not big entrees. The servers recommend that two people share four or five items. It's definitely high-calorie/down home stuff (sliders, mac & cheese, etc.), but very tasty and reasonably priced. I can't wait to go again.

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                  Crave would definitely not qualify as a "quick bite" place.

            2. If you like seafood such as crab Louies,great chowders,scallops,shrimps..etc you might like to try the Anchor Oyster Bar and Seafood Market at 579 Castro St. it looks like a tiny diner from the outside and I make sure I visit it at least once every time (as I have done for the last thirty years) each time I come to SF (I live in Toronto, Canada). It is a tad expensive but the seafood is always impeccably fresh. The Castro has gone through many changes over the years ( I had wonderful friends who lived and died there) but the Anchor has always remained a constant and stalwart institution that I have always treasured re-visiting.

              1. I would go for Thai House Express or maybe Firewood on 18th. You can also get Mexican at the place near Wells Fargo on Market or just a few doors down the hill from the Theater at that chain joint -- what's it called? La Salsa maybe?

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                  Totally forgot about Firewood, good call for a quick bite. Salads, pizzas plus a good selection of prepared sides.

                2. Ive never quite understood why the Castro remains so underserved. Fusio, as indicated already, is a servicable minichain with generally friendly service. I wouldnt call 2223 quick. I seem to end up at Blue Plate which is a very casual, very safe, homey, "San Francisco version" comfort food. Its also on Market.

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                    It's not Blue Plate -- that place is in the Outer Mission. Maybe it's just Blue?

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                      Yes you are correct. It is simply "Blue". My apologies.

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                        The Mac and Cheese there is Very Very good! Much better than Home's Mac and Cheese. Although apparently Home got awarded the City's best Mac and Cheese.

                  2. Eureka and 2223 are not going to work for a quick meal. Your fastest choice is the burrito place at the corner of 18th & Collingwood. Only 1.5 blocks from the theatre. Run by the same people who have some of the burrito places in the mission, it's basic good food with no waiting and also one of the least expensive options in the neighborhood.

                    If you are truly trying to have a meal between movies, as you state in your post, I don't don't think you will have time for much else.

                    1. I guess it's too late now, but for real quick eats a slice or two from Escape from NY Pizza or Marcelo's wouldn't be too bad. Turnover seems high at each due to all the barhoppers in the neighborhood.

                      1. There is no good food in the Castro proper. If you are seeking something quick there a handful of spots referenced above but nothing Chowhound inspiring.

                        Lived here 17 years. The boys don't come here for fine dining....trust me on this one. Enjoy the theater.