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Jan 24, 2007 10:04 AM

Where to find the best Pad Kee Mao (AKA Drunken Noodle) in LA?

Does anyone have suggestions on where to find the best Pad Kee Mao in LA? The nearer to the Mar Vista area the better, but I'm willing to drive farther to get a clearly superior dish. Thanks.

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  1. near there typhoon is not bad.

    try tuk tuk on pico, that's not a bad option either.

    1. I like it best at Sanamluang Café, not very close to you, but good to know if you are in Hollywood ever. Mind you, I have to ask for it "mild" there. Even my pal who is impervious to high levels of capsicum (or is it capsaicin?) thought that ordering it as is was over the top. Nonetheless, very tasty - as are most of their noodles.

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        I am a huge fan of the pad kee mow at Sanamluang. A perfect late night treat.

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          I also will vouch for Sanamlaung... their Pad Kee Mao is delicious. I love the fact that they're open to 4:00am. When I used to live in Hollywood all the waitresses knew me and when I go back they still remember me. I also love the duck salad. One thing that totally rocks, but isn't on the menu is Spicy Coconut Seafood soup, order it, you'll love it. Also the food is inexpensive.

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            Fruits of the Capsicum genus contain capsaicin, a chemical compound which stimulates thermoreceptor nerve endings in the skin, especially the mucus membranes. (and make you say "Hot Hot Hot")

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              capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers, what makes thai food so hot. A lot of the boutique hot sauces (Dave's insanity, etc.) purify and concentrate the capsaicin, which allows their sauces to go off the Scoville charts!

              1. Best I've had recently is at Nadpob in Silver Lake, a cut above Sanumluang, which is still pretty good. It's usually quite spicy there.
                They've always done an excellent version, quite a bit milder, at Torung on Hollywood Blvd.

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                  I second Nadpob, theirs were excellent, as was everything we ordered there (or was ordered for us --I was invited to a dinner party, and it turned out to be thrown by a Thai Chef, and some of his teaching aids --SCORE). I have to also mention that he ordered the German pork knuckle or leg I think it was called, it was smoked, and then deep fried -- fantasic, tender meat surrounded by crackling crisp exterior. Not something you might think to order, but it was amazing.