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Jan 24, 2007 09:54 AM

Best Wedding Reception Location(s) is NEPA?

My fiancee and I just got engaged on Christmas. We are prospecting Wedding Reception locations in Northeast PA and having not eaten at all the places we're looking at, does anybody have tips or ideas on different reception locations and how good the food is? The facility must accomodate approximately 300 people. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Suggest you go on the "Knot" in terms of getting information on Weddings. I am not even sure where Northeast Pa. is. I originally thought you were talking about Northeast Philadelphia. You are going to be limited to places that can hold such a large group. As a mother of a bride married 1.5 years ago, I have to ask are you really sure you want that big of a wedding?

    1. Faye- NEPA is a large area of Pennsylvania. The NE section of the state. It encompasses a vast number of towns, and, despite what many of my fellow Philadelphians think, actually DOES have places that can fit 300. It includes cities you have heard of- Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Hazleton.

      Shangys- First, congratulations! Second, What budget do you have in mind? I had my wedding in NEPA, so I have some ideas on places, vendors, etc. Third, closer to Hazelton, WB or Scranton? Or somewhere else? I would be happy to help in any way.

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        Thank you for the information. I agree the budget is critical. One of the points I was also trying to make - which maybe isn't really an issue for this board - is that 300 is a lot of people and obviously means more money. Having recently experienced this as a mother-of-the-bride (admittedly with only half the number of people at my daughter's wedding) the day goes by very quickly, a lot of money is spent, and more people means spending less time with each guest. Just a lesson I learned.

      2. Faye- I couldn't agree more! We had a smaller wedding- about 150- for this and many other reasons.

        Back to the chow- what kind of wedding food do you have in mind? Is food your priority? Or is it say, flowers? Types of food may also help me whittle down places.

        1. Thanks for your interest in helping. Food IS a priority but it's about on par with other things. However, I'm willing to splurge a little for a good menu. Specific types of food are not required as our tastes vary widely. ... We've cut it down to about 240-250 since my initial posting, but it's still large. Any advice/ideas you may have about vendors (caterers, florists, DJ's, etc.) would be GREATLY appreciated.

          1. Well, since you know that NEPA is big... where have you looked? Scranton, Tunkhannock, Hazleton, Tamaqua, and Port Jarvis are all NEPA. but no one would want to drive from Tunhannock to Hazleton. Where is the ceremony going to take place?