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Jan 24, 2007 09:51 AM

Better organization needed - try searching for "the best XXX"

I am relatively new to chowhound, so I can look at the whole thing with a relatively fresh eye.

Every time I see the latest "The best X" post, I can't help grimacing. Ranking anything has to be done with objectivity on so many levels, not whimsically or subjectively. Yet it's fun to do it, and bringing the topic up to date can be refreshing. It seems to organize people's opinions (whether biased or not) tolerably well and promotes interesting discussions, so I've used this gimmick myself.

Now that we see so much of "The BEST blah blah" why not make it a whole new topic, either as one major one under National (along with Kosher, Chains), or under each region like the one you have for NYC metro? People who like being organized might find it useful to see a consolidated list of the "best" things chowhounds have come up with over the years.

Searching for "the best taco" pulls up 7709 posts. If I narrow it to "best taco truck", down to 335. "The best taco truck Fruitvale" yields 113. Most of the titles sound irrelevant or repetitious. I find "Fruitvale Taco Crawl" - aha! - and click it only to find "this topic has been removed". I can imagine well-meaning people's patience being exhausted at some point which results in the creation of yet another "BEST" title, when a treasure trove of information already resides in there somewhere, hidden.

This wastes so much time. I wish there was a better way.

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  1. I think the current limitations of the search engine are giving you a false impression. That 335 includes every topic containing the words best, taco, and truck.

    Per Google, only of 126 of 2920 topics (about 4%) on the SF board have the word "best" in the title, and only one contains the exact phrase "best taco truck":