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Chicken Wings

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Has anyone had any good chicken wings in LA? Westwood or Santa Monica preferred, but I'll drive anywhere...!

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  1. My co-worker swears by this place. Large wings at a low price.

    Supreme Wings
    2511 W Jefferson Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90018
    (323) 731-1538

    I've never been there before, but he has fairly good taste. His recommendation is to order the "hot, but not too hot" wings, otherwise you will not be able to eat more than a few.

    Btw, it's not for lack of trying that I haven't been to this place, it's just that it's near Phillip's bbq and for some reason my car won't let me drive anywhere else in the area.

    1. I really like the wings at Big Wangs -- a fun (but sometimes VERY crowded) sports bar in Hollywood.

      1562 N. Cahuenga Blvd (and Selma Ave)
      Hollywood, CA 90028

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        Big Wangs wings are delicious. If you wanna get some take out wings in large quantities I highly recommend Hoagies and Wings.

      2. I was pleasantly surprised by the ones I had at Tom Bergin's on Fairfax recently. I tried the ones at Rustic Inn on Hillhurst, which are often recommended here, and found Bergin's much less greasy and nicely spicy.

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          Hi Patty! I just went to Ye Rustic Inn yesterday and recalled your posting that their wings were greasy. I paid close attention to my order and I detected no grease. I wonder if it is because I ordered them well done and got the hot version (extra saucy)? I have had them before and do not recall noticing grease. Also, I like it that their sauce never "separates" as some have the tendency to do. I do think they make a wonderful version of wings. The staff is always really friendly and attentive as well.

        2. Fu Rai Bo, on Sawtelle near Olympic. The best chicken wings anywhere. Not buffalo style, but the post didn't specify buffalo wings.

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            I whole heartedly second Fu Rai Bo. Those suckers are addictive. Best ordered extra spicy --which I have to say, is seriously not spicy, not really even a tingle on the lips --it's slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly spicy --totally delish.

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              Yes, yes -- I was going to post Fu Rai Bo too. And I agree that extra spicy is the way to go.

            2. They're not buffalo-style, but Little Hong Kong Cafe on Sawtelle serves a large plate of chicken wings that are fried golden and crispy, and then tossed in minced fresh green chilis and fresh garlic. For my money, they are some of the best wings going in L.A.

              And for NO money, I have to give mention to the Pacific Dining Car's happy hour wings - sometimes teriyaki, sometimes lime. Free, meaty, and delicious.

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                I 2nd Little hong kong cafe..... My friends and i All get our own orders of the Chicken wings.... No one wants to share, They are That Good!

                1. Ye Rustic Inn (bar with food) in Los Feliz has awesome spicy wings, but if you want fried wings, then I suggest Pann's (diner) at La Tijera and La Cienega.

                  1. The wings at Sunset Bar & Grill on the 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica are fantastic. Sometimes they're larger than other times, but they'll usually compensate with a greater number of them, etc. They're hot but very flavorful, not so hot that the heat's all you get. These are Buffalo wings, not breaded.

                    1. I'm NO Buffalo Wings expert by any means, but when I've tried them when I can't think of anything better to nibble on, I usually found them too greassy/oily (i.e. Westwood Brewing Co.) and leave about 40% uneaten. However, I've tried the ones at Buffalo Wings & Things on Westwood Blvd. (In Westwood across from the Crest Theater & Asuka) and I've consumed every morsel. I mean it's their signature menu item and they been in that business for 30 years in L.A. Last time I was there (12/06) they had an all you can eat Wings deal for under $10 on Saturdays, 1 T.V., no beer or booze, and they have an interesting elevated patio in back above the alley where you can smoke and Hooka......


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                        Buffalo Wings and Things are horrid - If you live within a short walk, are from UCLA or are from the unsuspecting minority who live in Westwood (respect) then these may be perfect for you. but they sure ain't from Buffalo....

                      2. I like the wings at Hamburger Hamlet and Hoff's Hutt (is there even one in LA proper?)... but the HH wings are some times a bit dry.

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                          Just curious, but which HH are sometimes dry?

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                            Just a note - when distinguishing between Hamburger Hamlet and Hoff's Hutt, the initials HH aren't the most enlightening choice imaginable. [smile icon] I presume you meant Hamburger Hamlet.

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                              Hahah, yeah I meant Hoff's sorry about the ambiguity.

                          2. I just reviewed the opening post -- seeing that you specifically seek WESTSIDE wings, I second my own suggestion for Sunset Bar & Grill on Santa Monica's 3rd St Promenade, across from the Adidas store. They have half-price weekday happy hour from 4 - 7p, a good-sized order of wings for about $3.50.

                            1. Is Hooters out of the question? Say what you want about them but their Buffalo wings are pretty darn authentic IMO.

                              1. Just went to Ye Rustic Inn over the weekend. Great wings- some of the biggest and crispiest I've seen, along with bleu cheese and celery. Having beer with your wings is nice as well, although they charged me $5.50 for each pint of lowely Pyramid Hefe. The sauce was tasty but not impressively so, my only real complaint. They also served the sauce drizzled over the wings, most of it ended up on the plate beneath them. As a self-proclaimed Buffalo Wing connoisseur, I don't like this because the presentation sucks, it keeps the wings crispier than they would normally be, which is nice but you can't judge them comparitively to other wings, and you don't get to see the adhesion or viscocity of the sauce very well. Order the suicidal sauce if you like spicey wings because the "hot" was not spicey at all. The fries were very good as well.

                                If you're looking for wings in Santa Monica, try The Slice on Wilshire, close to 9th street, somewhat near the promenade. They tie Ye Rustic's wings in my book- the sauce is much better (and a lot hotter), but the wings are smaller and can be overdone depending on the cook. They have bleu cheese and celery as well, and serve an awesome slice of pizza...but no beer :(

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                                  I just tried Ye Rustic's wings last night. I agree with everything thefleck said. I don't love super hot foods, so to be safe I only ordered medium heat but I would definitely go with something hotter next time. Very good wings, though.